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Look up! New Art Installation Coming to Commercial Row Commons

"Avenues of Engagement" reminds us of the importance of connection and belonging



Have you noticed the vibrant hoops overhead at Commercial Row Commons? Exciting changes are in the works as part of Midtown Alliance’s public art initiatives. 

"Avenues of Engagement” is the latest temporary installation to adorn the catenary system outside of Savi Provisions (988 Peachtree St NE). The overhead structure previously hosted the Cracking Art swallows and “Disco Al Fresco” last year, along with holiday lighting. 

Phase 1 is currently in progress, with the installation slated for completion in March. 

About the Art: "Avenues of Engagement" 

"Avenues of Engagement," is more than just a beautiful collection of colorful hoops woven together. This meaningful installation delves into themes of connection, community, and belonging through public art. The work was created by multidisciplinary artists Grace Kisa, Maurice Evans, and Sumayyah Ali of Power Haus Creative. 

Here’s their statement of work: 

“In this fast-paced world, global connectivity has become an essential aspect of our lives. We rely on networks to enable access to support systems that uphold our communities. These networks embody the intricacy of connectivity in a tangible and engaging way. 

Networks encompass much more than physical infrastructure, they reflect the pulse of communities, their rich ecologies and the endless possibilities that they hold.  

By establishing a network that is not only efficient but also engaging, we create deeper connections that foster a sense of belonging.”  

– Artist Statement from Power Haus Creative 

Pictured: Grace Kisa (left), Sumayyah Ali (Right)

Creating meaningful and accessible opportunities for the public to engage with art is one of Midtown Alliance’s strategic imperatives. This fundamental commitment echoes the core values driving Power Haus Creative's work as well.  

“This is our first collaboration with PHC in Midtown and we are especially excited to work with them because of the emphasis they put on community engagement and having the community participate in conversations about public art,” said Ansley Whipple, Programming and Activation Project Manager at Midtown Alliance. “Not only do they produce elegant and vibrant art, but they care a lot about how they place the art in a neighborhood and how the people there might experience and connect with it.” 

Get Involved: A Free Community Storytelling Workshop 

Later this year, Midtown Alliance and Power Haus Creative will be hosting free storytelling workshops that dive into the inspiration behind and meaningful application of Avenues of Engagement. These free art workshops will take a small group of attendees on a nostalgic yet impactful creative exploration of their cultural lineages.  

Through storytelling, attendees will have the chance to share personal narratives, traditions, and experiences that have played a significant role in shaping their cultural identities. This inclusive and interactive space aims to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation while encouraging the preservation of diverse heritages. 

Interested in scheduling a workshop for your Midtown group? Send an email to  

Coming Soon to Midtown ATL: More Public Art 

Watch for several more art installations to come to life in the next few weeks all over the district, including new murals and window installations. Midtown Alliance is also creating the Southeast’s largest outdoor art gallery this spring, with an open invitation to artists and designers to have their original work displayed on street banners for everyone to enjoy. Want to participate? Get details here. 

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