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2023 Midtown Mutt Gala Event Draws Fashionistas and Stylemakers

10th Street Park was THE place to see and be seen


Your 2023 winners circle for the costume contest, pictured L-R: Peanut (2nd), Gracie (1st), Tallulah (3rd), Conan (4th)

The inaugural Midtown Mutt Gala - a playful riff on the stylish Met Gala - drew a big crowd to enjoy food, music and costumed dogs strutting their stuff on the red carpet.

Bravo to our emcee Brigitte Bidet and thanks to all our contestants for bringing their best looks! Thanks also to Punk Foodie and Brave Wojtek for the delish cuisine, and the team at WM Events for the rave set design.

Check out these photos from the event and follow us on social media for even more:

DJ Ree de la Vega's crafty work on the 1s and 2s totally set the vibe.
Bruno in his finery gazes out at the crowd from his primo spot in 10th Street Park.
Our esteemed panel of judges (L-R): Jaime Dewberry (Dewberry Foundation), The Hon. Amir Farokhi (Atlanta City Council District 2), Sam Flemming (Punk Foodie)
Cricket (facing left) and Cash in the background as they familiarize themselves with the red carpet.
The illustrious emcee Brigitte Bidet brought inimitable charm and charisma to the event.
Dunkin the Frenchie enjoys a moment on the red carpet as adoring onlookers snap photos.
Conan sports cool shades to make his look complete.
Saylor giving sunny and sophisticated looks at the Mutt Gala.
Attendees enjoyed the culinary works of pop-up chef Brave Wojtek, curated by our friends at Punk Foodie Unleashed.
Finn looking dapper and polished to the nines for a walk down the red carpet.

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