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From Concrete to Community: Ree de la Vega Brings Entertainment to North Ave. MARTA Plaza

Transformed plaza will feature live entertainment performances curated by renowned local, Ree de la Vega. Learn more about what's to come.



The plaza space on the north side of Midtown’s North Ave. MARTA station is set to transform from concrete to community, with a new twist on events and programming that will blossom into a lively gathering space.

Public space is a rare commodity in the fast-growing south end of the Midtown district. This area has been underserved for years. In 2022, Midtown Alliance began collaborating with Project for Public Spaces, MARTA Artbound and a network of other partners to reimagine the plaza space as an outdoor venue that can bring people together.

The revamped plaza is now home to a bright and colorful shipping container – turned performance stage. This unconventional space has morphed into a “party in a box” that will offer live music and entertainment.

Ree de la Vega – renowned local DJ, business owner, and founder of Chaka Khan Hacienda - is partnering with Midtown Alliance to curate performances on the plaza. We caught up with her to discuss her plans for making the plaza come alive and the role music can play in strengthening community bonds.

Meet DJ Ree de la Vega

Ree de la Vega stands outside "Samaras", the new mural by Carla Contreras at the North Ave. MARTA plaza.

Ree de la Vega, an Atlanta local, is a recognizable name across the city. She has 15 years of professional experience in the local music scene. De la Vega’s DJ journey began as a rave attendee, sparking her curiosity into the world of nightlife. Her passion evolved into a full-time career.

You might catch her spinning turntables in Midtown at the High Museum of Art or pass her on the Beltline producing A/V Radio. And soon, you’ll be able to visit Pisces, her new lounge opening Downtown. With a jam-packed schedule, to-do lists, and preparation, de la Vega has a supportive network around her to help her keep up with her various endeavors.

According to de la Vega, 75% of her job is observing the crowd and understanding how to create memorable experiences for them. She recalled a favorite experience at an Atlanta Pride event in Piedmont Park, where the music allowed someone to truly be themselves.

“It’s always a moment where I see somebody fully being themselves at an event like Pride,” de la Vega said. “And maybe it’s something they don’t experience all the time.”

A Hub of Entertainment, Community and Convenience 

De la Vega sees Midtown as an active district with a mix of people, and a place that truly feels like the heart of the city. She is passionate about creating spaces in Atlanta where individuals can connect and thrive in their own community.

She explained that music and entertainment are the visual aspects of spaces like the one at the North Ave. MARTA plaza that activate them and make them come alive.

“When you bring the energy to the space, it attracts people to it,” de la Vega said.

Midtown Alliance sought out her unique talents to create something different at the North Ave. MARTA station plaza. By arranging performance lineups that introduce different styles of entertainment, de la Vega plans on sticking to her motto of bringing people together.

“We all deserve it,” she said.

Together, the enhancements on the plaza and the programming will create a thriving outdoor destination for Midtown residents, college students, daytime workers in nearby office towers and the 15K commuters who travel in and out of the station each day. Read more about the physical improvements here.

What's in Store Later This Year for the Entertainment Lineup? Expect Variety. 

The wide spectrum of performances will range from high-energy live bands and DJs to laid-back sessions allowing you to unwind with friends. Whether you are commuting home or live down the street, the revitalized plaza will become a hub of entertainment, community and convenience.

“Expect the unexpected, it’s going to be different each time,” de la Vega said.

Experience the first lineup of entertainment featuring music, comedy and dance performances at the plaza launch party on Wednesday, June 12 from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m. Enjoy refreshing mocktails, treat yourself to a delicious food truck and hangout with your Midtown neighbors - RSVP HERE.

Keep an eye on our event calendar and social media for updates on future programming!

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