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Update: "Avenues of Engagement" Now Fully Installed at Commercial Row Commons

An art installation with a whole lot of meaning and heart.



Check it out! Phase 2 of installation is complete on the new art installation suspended over the Commercial Row Commons plaza space at Peachtree Street and Peachtree Place.

The work, titled “Avenues of Engagement,” is more than just Instagrammable eye candy. It’s an invitation to explore our sense of identity and belonging.  

“Avenues of Engagement” delves into themes of connection and community through public art. 

“These networks embody the intricacy of connectivity in a tangible and engaging way. Networks encompass much more than physical infrastructure, they reflect the pulse of communities, their rich ecologies, and the endless possibilities that they hold.”   

– Artist Statement from Power Haus Creative 

This installation was created by multidisciplinary artists Grace Kisa, Maurice Evans, and Sumayyah Ali of Power Haus Creative. 


Here are a few ways to engage with this new installation:

 👟 Incorporate Commercial Row Commons (988 Peachtree St NE) into your walking route. 

☕ Enjoy your coffee or lunch break at the yellow tables underneath the catenary system.

🎨 Learn more about the artists behind the work: Sumayyah Ali, Grace Kisa, and Maurice Evans. 

📝 Reflect on how community and traditions have shaped your personal growth and identity. 

📸 Take a photo and tag us at @Midtown_ATL. 


Midtown Alliance continues to enliven the urban experience on the ground with unique public art installations that change on a regular basis, inviting new discoveries in the district while you're out walking. 

Coming Soon to Midtown ATL: More Public Art  

Midtown Alliance is creating the Southeast’s largest outdoor art gallery this spring, with an open invitation to artists and designers to have their original work displayed on street banners for everyone to enjoy.  

Want to participate? Get details here. 

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