Spring and West Peachtree St Parklets

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Updated 3/30/2022

Draft design renderings for parklets on Spring Street between Peachtree Pl and 8th Street


The Atlanta DOT installation of “quick build” bike lanes along Spring and West Peachtree Streets presents the opportunity to reimagine a few on-street parking spaces as places for people. Given the reconfiguration of lanes on Spring Street as part of the quick-build LIT lane project, some on-street parking spaces will become unusable, as their access will be blocked by the barrier-separated bike lane.

With community input fielded in 2020 to vet potential ideas for these spaces, and through direct conversations with retail/restaurant tenants located on the corridors, staff are now refining potential design concepts to make creative use out of this obsolete space, which could become outdoor dining, socially-distanced seating, games or other uses. The varied concepts for this project are being organized as "parklets."

These locations will accommodate space for parklets:
•    The Standard (Spring St between 3rd and 4th)
•    The Standard (Spring St between 3rd and 4th)
•    University House (Spring St between 8th and Peachtree Place)
•    the AT&T building (West Peachtree St between 3rd and 4th)
•    McCray’s Tavern (West Peachtree St at 13th St) 

Like the bike lanes along which they’ll be located, these parklets will be created in the spirit of “quick build.” Timing to begin permitting the first phase of parklets on Spring Street is for 2022.

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