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Entering Modernity: 1920s Fashion from the Parodi Costume Collection

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This summer, make your way to SCAD FASH for their newest exhibition, Entering Modernity: 1920s Fashion from the Parodi Costume Collection. Curated exclusively for SCAD FASH, Entering Modernity highlights the styles and silhouettes of the Roaring 20s, that came to define one of the most revolutionary periods in fashion history.

The 1920s were marked by glitz, glamour, and radical social and sartorial transformations. Following WWI and the women’s suffrage movement, a modern generation emerged, liberated from the confinements of the past. Upending deeply entrenched traditions and domestic expectations, the women of the 1920s embraced new careers, new experiences, and new attires — no longer bound by the rigid conventions and wardrobes of their 19th-century forebearers. Marked by elevated thinking as much as excess, the Jazz Age would forever change how women dressed, behaved, and expressed their new sense of self. Entering Modernity at SCAD FASH offers a glittering showcase of defining 1920s styles — from the newly introduced cocktail dress with its sleek layers and drop waist hem to other relaxed silhouettes designed for movement — presented through the lens of the decade’s unprecedented movements for freedom and empowerment. Among the many expertly preserved and rarely seen haute couture works from the archive of the Parodi Costume Collection, the exhibition spotlights Madeleine Vionnet’s Flame Dress, Jeanne Lanvin’s Robe de Style, a wedding gown by Paul Poiret, a cocktail dress by Jean Patou, and other signature looks by Mariano Fortuny and Henriette Negrin, among others.

On view through August 24, General Admission, $10. For more information visit