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(Ad)venture Capital Fund 

Midtown is a place for people.

And it’s more fun to enjoy everything the district has to offer when you share the good times with neighbors, co-workers, friends and visitors. That collective experience exists at the heart of public life ... and that’s what we are investing in through our newest big idea: the (Ad)venture Capital Fund. 

What is (Ad)venture Capital? 

A pilot program to help achieve early wins that all can learn from. Our goal is to engage partners to implement creative interventions at human scale. We want to co-create experiences and ground-level improvements that are welcoming to everyone, positively impact the ground level, and build a sense of belonging. We know success will build momentum for even bigger ideas. 

Midtown Alliance is enlisting partners in a unified effort to enliven the street-level experience throughout the Midtown Improvement District (MID). This is a team sport, where everyone is welcome, and everyone has a role to play. 

We're offering our expertise and potential seed funding to catalyze efforts in three areas:

Community Activations

Events and programming in existing public spaces

This is for an individual, arts and culture non-profit, local business, corporation, or professional event organizer.

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New or Enhanced Public Spaces

Existing or new spaces, any size, open to all, and accessible from the sidewalk.

This is for a property owner or manager.

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Ground-Floor Enhancements

Variety of storefront upgrades to make the ground floor more vibrant and inviting at eye level.

This is for a ground floor business, property owner or manager.

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What is Midtown Alliance's Role? 

Midtown Alliance can help with a range of support you might need to have your idea take flight. Look to our staff and partners for early inspiration, contracted design expertise, permitting and regulatory guidance, promotional support, introductions to other partners with synergistic interests, and seed funding for the right projects.    


Apply for (Ad)Venture Capital!

Interested parties are invited to submit ideas for activations and enhancement projects that can be developed and implemented within 12 calendar months. The process begins with a short project brief (narrative description) to define the concept, specify timeline, identify partners, ballpark cost, and the role you propose Midtown Alliance would play. Midtown Alliance staff will review submissions and communicate back. 


Let's go!

E-mail your proposals and questions about (Ad)venture Capital to Ansley Whipple, Midtown Alliance Programming + Activation Project Manager: