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Patricia Hernandez

Patricia Hernandez is a LATINX/ Mayan diaspora artist, creator and Owner of ''PATL.SV'', based in Atlanta, GA.

She is a cultural organizer and self-taught artist, who portrays her Latinx culture, Indigenous ancestry, and immigrant experience through colorful, vibrant paintings, murals in small and large scale, and illustrations.

Patricia, born and raised in El Salvador, brought her stories and culture with her to Atlanta where she would build a new life for herself and her 2 boys. She has participated in numerous public art projects and painted murals around the city. In addition to creating art, she dedicates her work to strengthening the local, Latinx creative community. Patricia has worked with local projects, such as La Choloteca and Fair Fight, to use art as a tool to bring people together, raise awareness on social justice issues, and amplify BIPOC creatives.

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Medium: Muralist and Painter

Find Patricia online and view examples of her work:   

Learn about Patricia's work that honors her hertiage and calls attention to the important work that remains on human rights.