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"We got this." Annual Meeting Discusses Midtown's Growth, Safer Streets, New Art Experiences + More

Watch video replays of the presenters' remarks.


Midtown Alliance President and CEO Kevin Green discusses future possibilities for changing the way Peachtree Street could function.

More than 800 business and civic leaders, elected officials, agency partners, small business owners, residents and urban enthusiasts gathered at the Fox Theatre in early-March for the 2024 Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting.

The topics discussed at the podium reflected on what's going right in the district, and where we can combine our efforts as a community to push for an even better future. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Watch video replays of the presenters' remarks and view photos from the event. Check back as we add more.

Watch: Kevin Green Talks About the State of the District

Watch: Urban Economist Ed Glaeser on Why Cities Are Our Greatest Invention

Watch: Mayor Andrew Dickens Talks About Midtown's Amazing Growth

Watch: Woodruff Arts Center CEO Hala Moddelmog Shares Plans for $67M Capital Campaign to Enhance Campus

Watch: Midtown Alliance Board Chair Mary Pat Matheson Discusses Ambitious 2024 Work Plan

Picture It: More Highlights from the 2024 Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting

Guests at the 2024 Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting enjoy networking and breakfast in the Egyptian Ballroom prior to the program.
Musical guest Lulu the Giant performs onstage at the Fox accompanied by aerialists and dancers from the talented Stardust Pixxies performance troupe to open the meeting.
Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens discusses Midtown's story of growth and transformation.
Woodruff Arts Center President and CEO Hala Moddelmog walks through long-range plans to introduce $67M of improvements to the campus.
Keynote speaker Ed Glaeser shares his insight on the triumph of cities and how Midtown Atlanta is positioned for the future as a premier district where life, leisure and livelihood are possible.
Thank you to the team at the Fox Theatre and our many sponsors for making this event a success.