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Salute to Service: Veteran’s Day Parade Returns to Midtown Atlanta November 11

Experience a special day of patriotic pageantry and civic pride on Peachtree Street



Atlanta’s iconic Peachtree Street is where people in the region come together for parades. From Dragon Con downtown to Midtown’s Saint Patrick’s Day, Atlanta Pride and Parliament of Owls parades, parade organizers build their celebrations around the city vibes synonymous with our best-known corridor.

And now, an event wrapped in patriotic pageantry and civic pride will make its triumphant return to Peachtree Street, welcoming the community and saluting all those who have defended our freedom. The 42nd annual Georgia Veterans Day Parade is headed for Midtown on November 11. And the entire metro region is invited to come together to honor our service members - both Veterans and active-duty - plus other community organizations that serve us.

We spoke with Georgia Veterans Day Association President and Chairman Kevin L Miller about the parade, its significance locally and what makes Midtown an ideal place to come together.

Bringing the Parade Back to Peachtree Street

Kevin L Miller is military Veteran, having served in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and inside the demilitarized zone on the border between North and South Korea. Miller is in his 15th year at the helm of the GVDA with 23 years total dedicated to the association. And he remembers when the Georgia Veterans Day Parade took place in Midtown in the early years of his tenure as a member of the Board of Directors, followed by stints in Downtown and later at Truist Park. His team is excited to bring this free community event back to Midtown.

“It’s the most beautiful setting you can have to host a parade,” Miller said of Midtown’s tall buildings and tree-lined sidewalks. “People know this familiar parade route. And everyone we have met with in Midtown has been fully supportive and welcoming. The reception has been great.”

The Georgia Veterans Day Parade steps off at 1100 hours on Saturday, November 11 and will run the same route that the annual Atlanta Saint Patrick’s Day Parade uses on Peachtree Street, from 15th down to 5th Street.

The event is free to attend. And Miller shared just some of the highlights you can expect to see:

Recognizing the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

The Georgia Veterans Day Association honors the service of all Veterans from all branches during peace and war. Each year, the GVDA selects one group of Veterans to pay special honors. For 2023, they will honor all who have served in defense of the Republic of Korea - Korean War, Korea Defense, and the commitment to the ROK-US Alliance. More than three million people lost their lives in the war (including one million service members on both sides), which lasted three years and resulted in the war’s front line still serving today as the de facto border between North and South Korea. According to Miller, a group of four Korean War veterans will serve as Grand Marshals for the parade.

“For them to witness this parade and the people coming out to show their support for them, it’s going to be amazing,” Miller said of the Korean War service members and their sacrifice.

The parade honors the military. But other community organizations will march as well.

It's not all military. Miller explained that other civic and community groups will also participate, including the Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Korean-American Associations, Veteran service organizations and some 45 ROTC and JROTC units from all across Georgia.

Veteran Expo at Woodruff Arts Center’s Callaway Plaza

Parade attendees are invited to visit the Expo at Peachtree and 15th Streets from 9am to 1pm, featuring 25+ booths and exhibits about the armed forces, Veteran support organizations and more. The expo is also where you can get an up-close look at both a Stryker and JLTV brought up from Fort Moore in Columbus.

Organizing the Georgia Veterans Day Parade is a total team effort.

Miller acknowledged that it takes rigorous planning, dedicated members, and fundraising to execute and pay for the expense of this event. It begins with the dozen Board members at the Georgia Veterans Day Association who put their amazing talent and their hearts into it. He said he’s also fortunate to be able to tap into a volunteer network of 100+ people assisting at the parade, from local community groups, to JROTC, ROTC, and APD officers.

“Above all, I want people to come out and enjoy this great event,” Miller said. “The fact that it is a military parade makes it even more significant. I consider it an honor to recognize our veterans and their service. And I can’t wait for all of Atlanta to be there with us.”

Know Before You Go

The 42nd Annual Georgia Veterans Day Parade takes place on Saturday, November 11 at 11am. The parade will march southbound on Peachtree Street, from 15th down to 5th Street. Consider riding MARTA to the event. The Midtown MARTA station is just two blocks west of the parade route.

Street closures will occur during the parade on east-west cross streets that intersect with Peachtree Street. For details, visit

Consider making a day of it and enjoy a good meal at a nearby Midtown restaurant after the parade. See a list of area restaurants here.

And if you’re up for exploring the district’s special connection to those who have served, be sure to visit the World War I Memorial at Pershing Point Park.

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