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Art Walk

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Updated 04/15/2024

Project Overview

The Art Walk is a multi-phase public space project that reinforces Midtown’s identity as the region’s cultural and creative epicenter. Stretching 5 blocks between the Midtown MARTA Station and Arts Center MARTA Station, this pedestrian promenade straddles public space and private property to create a ½ mile experience that is equal parts enhanced streetscape and linear park. The project follows the alignment of Peachtree Walk and creates a shared street condition that expands the public realm and creates more space for art and activation. The Art Walk relies on partnerships with adjacent property owners to be implemented.


  • Phase 1 – 10th to 11th Street:  This phase is currently underway, managed by Midtown Alliance with construction performed by Astra Group. Construction began in January 2022 and was substantially complete in December 2023. Enhancements include new landscaping, lighting, wayfinding elements, upgraded hardscape and crosswalks that feature bands of color integrated into the design. Some existing street trees were transplanted to new homes in Midtown prior to construction, and invasive Lacebark Elm trees will be replaced with large, higher-quality Oak trees that are more suitable to the urban environment. There are designated locations for new art to be installed after construction is complete.
  • Phase 2 – 11th to 12th Street:  In 2022 and 2023 Midtown Alliance will advance this phase from initial concept into design development and construction documents.
  • Phase 3 – 12th to 13th Street:  This phase has been partially completed along the west side of the corridor. The enhanced streetscape elements were installed in 2021 as part of Selig’s mixed-use project known as 1105 West Peachtree. The east side of the street will be considered as part of a future phase of development planned for this block.
  • Phase 4 – 13th to 14th Street:  This phase consists of a dedicated pedestrian connection along the west side of the dual-brand AC/Moxy Hotels. Completed in 2019 in partnership with Noble Investment Group as part of the hotel development, the pedestrian connection features a mural by Daniel Monteavaro.   
  • Phase 5 – 14th to 15th Street:  Future phase to be implemented upon redevelopment of the private site. This segment, like the phase between 13th and 14th Street, will create a pedestrian connection through the site to provide access to the Arts Center MARTA Station one block north. 

Construction Updates

Construction of the next phase of Art Walk on Peachtree Walk between 10th Street and 11th Street reached substantial completion in December 2023. A new mural, pavement markings and other final touches are being installed as weather allows.

Overall project construction began in January 2022. The pedestrian plaza between the Federal Reserve Bank and 10 10th Street office building took shape during summer and fall 2023 and features new specialty concrete, security bollards and furniture, large landscape planters with steel edges/walls and nine large Breezeway Nuttall Oak trees, and light poles that support the catenary system where color-changing custom light spheres are hung.

Earlier in the project, the public sidewalk on the north side of 10th Street was replaced. Improvements to the Peachtree Walk and 11th Street public rights-of-way were completed, including asphalt repaving, installation of concrete valley gutters, milling asphalt, and reconstructing and reprofiling sections of roadway where needed. The waterline was relocated and new stormwater piping and drainage structures were installed within the Peachtree Walk roadway. Driveways to the Federal Reserve Bank and MAA Midtown apartments were reconstructed with new drainage modifications. New granite curbs, specialty concrete sidewalks and landscape planter beds were installed and planted with large new Nuttall Oak street trees (with 4.5 and 6" caliper trunks). New bulbouts and bollards were installed to tighten the intersection of 11th Street to shorten pedestrian crossing distances. New street lights and poles supporting the catenary system were installed and light spheres were hung above the street for wayfinding.

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