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Atlanta Curbside Management Action Plan

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Updated 1/5/2022


In Atlanta, curb spaces are the front door to your grocery store, your bus, your Uber, and even your home. It's where your Amazon delivery takes place and where you park your car during a night out in Midtown. Over the years, curbside activity has expanded and accelerated along our City's busiest corridors. Keeping pace with Atlanta's growth will require a block by block look at how we can make the best use of our curbsides. 
In partnership with Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, Midtown Alliance is developing the Atlanta Curbside Management Action Plan to identify projects and policies that advance the mobility, safety, and equity of people and businesses in two of Atlanta’s bustling neighborhoods.


This Curbside Plan will address all activities at the curb, including:

  • Parking
  • Commercial Loading
  • Taxi, Uber, Lyft, and Food Delivery Use
  • Transit Access
  • Bike Activity
  • Micromobility Activity (E-scooters and more)
  • Pedestrian Access

The Plan will result in a thoughtful framework supporting businesses with delivery needs while prioritizing safety and access for all travelers. Recommendations will be provided to the City of Atlanta to guide future curbside investments, allocations, and improvements to benefit the community.


Why is this important to you?

This Plan will impact how curbsides will be accessed and used, tailoring policies to each corridor's needs. This is your opportunity to help shape these policies. 


As we create this Plan, you can share your feedback along the way. Join our virtual workshop series.

Participate in our upcoming virtual workshop series that will bring our community together to share feedback on curbside improvements. By attending each workshop, you can be part of the process every step of the way.
Workshop 1 – February 2021

We held our first workshop on February 18, 2021 and want to thank everyone who attended. Links to the workshop slides and recording are below.



Workshop 2 – July 15, 2021

We held our second workshop on July 15, 2021, and we want to thank all the returning and new attendees. Links to the workshop slides and recordings are below.



*New! Draft recommendations are now available.

The draft recommendations are now available! Learn more about the recommended strategies here:


*New! Survey of recommended strategies

Let us know what you think about the set of recommended strategies! Take the survey and help us prioritize strategies for implementation.

Click here to take the survey!


Bookmark this page and check back for workshop dates and project updates.

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