Last Mile Intersection Improvements

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Updated 10/20/2022

Midtown Atlanta Regional Activity Center - Pedestrian Mobility and Safety Improvements
(Last Mile Intersections Project)

(ATLDOT Proj. No. 3011)


Project Overview

The City of Atlanta Department of Transportation and Midtown Alliance are working to install new traffic signals at five intersections and enhance pedestrian crossings at two other Midtown locations as identified through project scoping and the Midtown Transportation Plan. The project will enhance connectivity and safety for people accessing MARTA rail stations and regional and local bus stops. During the preliminary design phase, warrant studies were conducted for the proposed new signals, and plans were developed to restripe multiple intersections within the Midtown core between North Ave and 17th Street to increase visibility of pedestrian crossings. 

Current Funding Sources

  • Federal Transit Administration grant
  • Midtown Improvement District funds

What's Next

The Design and Engineering phase is complete. The public procurement process is underway to select the contractor to construct the project. Construction duration is estimated at 18 to 24 months, and includes:

  • Installing five (5) traffic signals at:
    • Piedmont Ave. at 13th St.
    • Spring St. at Peachtree Place
    • Spring St. at 4th St.
    • West Peachtree St. at 4th St.
    • Spring St. at 3rd St.
  • Installing two (2) pedestrian-actuated signals at:
    • Piedmont Ave. and 15th St. 
    • Peachtree St, mid-block between 14th St. and 15th St. at Colony Square
  • Enhancing up to 24 intersections, which may include:
    • New crosswalks
    • New ADA-compliant ramps
    • Striping improvements

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