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New 13th St Traffic Signals

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Updated 07/02/2024

Midtown 13th Street Traffic Signals Project

(ATLDOT Proj. No. 3040)


Project Overview 

Building off Midtown Alliance and the City of Atlanta’s effort to create safe intersection crossings for people walking, biking, taking transit, driving, and using shareable mobility devices, this project will install three (3) new traffic signals at the following unsignalized intersections:

  1. West Peachtree St and 13th Street
  2. Peachtree Street and 13th Street
  3. Juniper Street and 13th Street

The project scope includes new traffic signal equipment, mast arms and poles, ADA compliant ramps and crosswalks, as well as appropriate signage and lane markings for current and future bicycle facilities. Traffic signal warrant studies were conducted by Midtown Alliance and approved by the City of Atlanta in 2019. 

Funding Sources

  • City of Atlanta transportation impact fees
  • Midtown Improvement District funds 

Construction Updates

Midtown Alliance awarded the project construction contract in February 2023 and issued Notice to Proceed on March 13, 2023. Pre-construction activities (permitting, shop drawings, subcontracting, material purchasing, utility coordination and field layout) were conducted through spring and summer 2023. Underground investigations and installation of the three new traffic signals at Juniper St, Peachtree St and West Peachtree St were completed in fall and winter, and construction was substantially complete on schedule. Punch list items were addressed following the ATLDOT inspection at the end of February 2024. Three new traffic signals were fully operational in late March. ATLDOT completed its final acceptance on May 1, 2024. The project is in closeout phase. 

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