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Commute Calculator

What's the Cost of Your Commute? 

Metro Atlanta commuters have some of the highest commute costs in the U.S.  Reducing the impact that driving your car has on your wallet and the environment is easier than you think.

Use this Commute Cost & Emissions Calculator to determine how much you could save - and save the environment - by using a commute alternative. 

Average daily roundtrip commute distance (miles): Enter in your daily mileage to and from your office (if 10 miles one way, enter 20).
Average number of days you drive alone to work per month: For the days you drive alone, enter 21 if you work a 5-day work week; 19 if you work 9/80; 17 if 4/10.
Average miles per gallon
your vehicle gets:
Find your car's MPG at
Average cost per gallon
of fuel you pay, in dollars:
Enter the dollar amount you typically pay per gallon of gasoline.
Average daily parking
cost (if any), in dollars:
If you pay monthly, divide by the number of days/month that you work.
Daily tolls (if any), in dollars: Enter GA-400 tolls if applicable.
Estimated cost per mile for maintenance and tires, in dollars: Based on AAA's 2011 estimates.

Switching to a commute alternative  - such as carpooling, vanpooling, transit, cycling or walking - can reduce your commute costs significantly. Let the experts at Midtown Transportation help you find a better way. Contact us to get started today.