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Midtown ATL

Updated 5/1/2023

Juniper Street Complete Street Summary of Public Engagement:

The Juniper Street project has been the subject of a wide variety of public engagement efforts over the last two decades, including:

  • In the late‐1990s, Midtown Alliance completed an extensive masterplanning process for the entire Midtown District which included a series of interactive public workshops and outreach. The resulting Blueprint Midtown Plan included Juniper Street as a key north‐south corridor for future improvements.
  • Throughout 2011‐2012, Midtown Alliance’s Greenprint Midtown effort included dozens of public meetings in which Juniper was envisioned as the district’s signature “green” street.
  • Presentation of preliminary plans was made to Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU)‐E and neighborhood groups as part of several meetings in early 2012.
  • In early 2013, Midtown Alliance hosted a publicly‐advertised Open House for the Juniper Street project. Attendees viewed, commented on and discussed conceptual design plans for the project.
  • From mid‐2013 to early 2015, project activity slowed while the City flexed federal funds for the project from Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Conceptual designs continued to be vetted through meetings with property owners and City staff based on new nationwide bicycle design guidelines (NACTO) and in the context of the City’s fast‐expanding bike facility network.
  • In May 2016, the project was submitted and presented to the Urban Design Commission for review and comments were received.
  • Throughout 2016 and 2017, Midtown Alliance led additional community outreach efforts for stakeholders directly affected by the project.

For the last 10+ years, the Juniper Street project has been consistently highlighted by Midtown Alliance as part of a wide variety of public events, meetings, presentations and “Let’s Talk Midtown” gatherings in addition to regular updates on Midtown Alliance's website and communications channels.

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