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DRC Reviews Proposed Changes to 1100 Peachtree Plaza Space at September Meeting

A Public-Facing Refresh of the 1100 Peachtree Building Plaza


Two applicants were originally scheduled to present to the September 12th Midtown Development Review Committee. However, the team representing 70 3rd Street requested deferral shortly before the meeting’s start. Therefore, the DRC reviewed only one proposal. Read below about the proposed façade and plaza improvements planned for the 1100 Peachtree building.

1100 Peachtree

The DRC was complimentary of the proposed refresh and activation of the public areas of 1100 Peachtree at the NW corner of Peachtree & 12th St. Enhancements include the removal of a large entry portico feature and the addition of a new sidewalk, plaza surface, landscaping, and stairs. The scope also includes making storefront façade improvements and enlarging the outdoor dining patio. The DRC suggested additional ways to improve public safety, activation, and aesthetics.

DRC Recommendations:

  • Soften the area between the raised outdoor dining area and Peachtree sidewalk. Consider a narrow landscape buffer along the retaining wall and/or hanging planter boxes on the railing.
  • Provide a transition strip between the clear zone and plaza area to help with the geometry of the concrete score lines. Explore lighting this transition strip and continuing it along the boundary of the raised outdoor dining area.
  • Investigate lowering the existing manhole currently in the driveway to-grade and removing the raised island entirely. This would allow an improved condition for both pedestrians and autos.
  • Round off (or chamfer) all acute corners of retaining walls for both the outdoor dining area and raised landscaped plaza area to improve public safety.
  • Evaluate extending the standard Midtown sidewalk pattern southward along Peachtree St. to the 12th St. corner.
  • Improve ADA access with push button activators at the Peachtree St. entries.
  • Infill new street trees along both 12th St. and Crescent Ave. in the existing landscape strips consistent with the Midtown streetscape plan.
  • Consider public art along the Crescent Ave. parking deck façade and/or supplemental zone. Midtown Alliance offers the opportunity to work with our ‘Artists in Residence’ program to find a solution specific for this site.
  • Coordinate with the adjacent property owner (Trillist) to remove or shave back the retaining wall along Cresent Ave. at the NW corner of the site and continue the sidewalk per the Midtown streetscape standards. Similarly, along Peachtree St. at the NE corner of the site widen the clear sidewalk to provide better access and safety to the future pedestrian paseo.

Next Steps:

The committee expects to receive updated info for electronic review to confirm that these recommendations will be addressed.

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