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New Year. Exciting Work. More to Love About MidtownATL.

Read highlights about the programs and projects that will define our 2024 work plan.


Midtown Transportation Program Manager Ryan Splitlog

Cities enable us to live, work and play together. And their success depends on the demand for physical connection, creating an environment where people want to be. Midtown Alliance's staff of nearly 50 people and our allied partners are on the job every day to make Midtown an exceptional urban place - clean, safe, navigable and brimming with activity - with an eye toward continuous improvement.

And there's no shortage of exciting work that you can look forward to experiencing on the ground in 2024. Here are a few highlights from our 2024 work plan, and your role in it:

That's the number of fun community events coming your way this year in outdoor publicly accessible spaces, building upon the 2023 calendar that brought you yoga instruction, movie nights, music performances and more. Stay plugged into our event calendar, make it a priority to come out and enjoy these happenings all year, and help us get the word out.  

That's the total amount of investment coming to public improvement projects that will be active in 2024, from new traffic signals to a new street connection on 15th Street, bike lanes, plaza enhancements and more. Keep up with the status of all these and other ongoing projects at

New public spaces coming online later this year, where you can gather and experience city life at its very best. The first phase of the Midtown Art Walk will start hosting programming in the spring, as well as a revamped North Avenue MARTA station plaza featuring a performance stage and a new parklet at Peachtree and 11th Streets. Watch for more details soon about these spaces.

Midtown Alliance member events on the docket for 2024, where you can meet others who live or work in the district, speak with Midtown Alliance staff about projects, and learn about what's next for Midtown. Our programming brings timely updates, big-picture thinking and opportunities to build relationships, all of which add value to being a member. Browse our directory to find out if your organization or building is already in the fold. If not, consider applying for membership today.

Open positions currently on our administrative team (two brand new roles and one existing role), as we seek rockstar applicants with a passion for Midtown to lead capital projects construction, community events and transportation planning. Check out the job postings here, and consider applying if you think your skills are a solid match.    

That's how many business and civic leaders we're expecting at the 2024 Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting, to be held on March 5 at the Fox Theatre. Find out how cities can make us healthier, more prosperous and socially connected amid changes to the way we work, live and play. Tickets available now ($75 for Midtown Alliance members, $100 for non-members) at

Fun and participatory ways to discover the benefits of a new commute in 2024 with tech, incentives, know-how and activities from the experts on our Midtown Transportation team. Get involved in challenges to reduce your carbon footprint, try a new commute option and reimagine what a parking space can become. Follow us on our social media channels for more details about how to enroll.

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