Commuter Services 

Midtown Transportation wants to help you find a less stressful way to commute.

Our team provides the resources you need to take advantage of Midtown's transit, carpool, vanpool, walking, biking, and telework options -- and provides incentives, tools, and support to make these options more convenient and cost-effective.  Through Georgia Commute Options, Midtown Transportation provides cash incentives for Midtown employees who choose commute alternatives, and the Guaranteed Ride Home program gets clean commuters home in the case of an emergency.

What is a “clean commute” and how can Midtown Transportation help you?

  • Carpools and Vanpools: Sharing the ride can save you money and reduce stress. Learn how to find a carpool buddy with Georgia Commute Options. Alternatively, Commute with Enterprise offers a variety of vanpools to various employers in Midtown that you can join. Connect with Shirley Goff at Commute with Enterprise at to join a specific vanpool.
  • Walking: Improve your health and decrease air pollution.  Find a housing option in Midtown if you live too far away to walk and start enjoying your commute.
  • Bicycling: Use two wheels instead of four and combine your workout with your commute.  Use Ride the City to plan your next bike trip.
  • Teleworking: Avoid commuting altogether if your workplace allows.  If your office doesn’t currently have a telework program, contact us for help.
  • Custom Route Planning: Let our commute planning experts find the best commute option for you. Complete our Custom Route Plan form for a personalized step-by-step commute to work.

Want to know the impact of your commute? Use our Commute Cost & Emissions Calculator to see how you could save money - and the environment.