Commuter Services 

MARTA BUS SERVICE UPDATE: Many MARTA bus routes are still following Saturday schedules on weekdays due to a staffing shortage. 31 routes, including about half of affected Midtown routes, have been restored to full service. Please click here for more information. Up-to-date schedules can be found at

Midtown Transportation wants to help you find a less stressful way to commute.

Our team provides the resources you need to take advantage of Midtown's transit, carpool, vanpool, walking, biking, and telework options -- and provides incentives, tools, and support to make these options more convenient and cost-effective. Through Georgia Commute Options, Midtown Transportation provides cash incentives and awesome rewards  for Midtown employees who choose commute alternatives, and the Guaranteed Ride Home program gets clean commuters home in the case of an emergency.

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What is a “clean commute” and how can Midtown Transportation help you?

Transit: Buses and Trains

Midtown is served by MARTA, Xpress, Gwinnett County Transit, and CobbLinc Transit. Midtown also has free shuttles for the public: the Atlantic Station shuttle and the Tech Trolley. Learn about the commuter buses that service Midtown.

Carpools and Vanpools

Sharing the ride can save you money and reduce stress. Learn how to find a carpool buddy with Georgia Commute Options.

Alternatively, Commute with Enterprise offers a variety of vanpools to various employers in Midtown that you can join. Check out the  list of current vanpools. Connect with Commute with Enterprise to join.


Improve your health and decrease air pollution by walking around Midtown. 

Did you know? 96% of Midtown's Office buildings are within a 6 minute walk from a transit station!

Check out Midtown's Walking Map to see all of the Midtown destinations just a short walk away.

Learn how Midtown Alliance is improving the street level experience with improved public art, transportation infrastructure and streetscape improvements.


Use two wheels instead of four and combine your workout with your commute. 

Check out the Midtown bicycle routes. Need individual support? Request a cycling route plan and let our commute experts find the safest option for you.


Avoid commuting altogether if your workplace allows.

If your office doesn’t currently have a telework program, contact us for help.


Custom Route Planning

Let our commute planning experts find the best commute option for you.

Complete our Custom Route Plan form for a personalized step-by-step commute to work.


Connecting to Paratransit + Accesssible Programs


Mobility Program: 

Unlike MARTA’s standard buses, MARTA Mobility is a shared ride, advance reservation mode of public transit. These buses operate in an ADA-designated service area within Fulton, DeKalb and Clayton Counties and the City of Atlanta along a 3/4-mile corridor located on each side of all fixed bus routes and in a 3/4-mile radius of each station. These services are separate from the Transit Pass Program. 

  • To become eligible to ride MARTA Mobility, you must complete an application and an in-person interview and assessment.
  • Has a Printable User Guide that offers more detail on how to obtain pass as well as FAQ on fares, service animals and booking trips.

Reduced Fare Program:

(From website) Reduced Fare Breeze Cards are offered to; eligible senior citizens, people with disabilities and Medicare cardholders. The program is a part of making MARTA a transit system everyone can use. These discounted Breeze Cards are valid on all MARTA buses and trains and are available for pickup at the following locations: Lindberg MARTA Ride Store (located inside of MARTA Headquarters) & Five Points MARTA Ride Store. 

  • To become eligible for this program, you will need to present documented proof of your age (65 years or older), a notice from healthcare provider detailing your disability, or if you can show proof of your status as a current Medicare cardholder. You must provide valid photo ID as proof of your identity and finally, complete and submit the Reduced Fare form when you apply for the program.

Travel Training:

MARTA also offer’s a program to help riders with disabilities learn how to use their system with the Travel Training Program. This training allows riders to understand the way to travel MARTA’s system safely and independently covering subjects such as Reading the system Maps, Planning for emergencies and Identifying landmarks.

Gwinnett County Transit (GCT)

GCT ADA Paratransit Program

Gwinnett County's paratransit service is a specialized transportation service of Gwinnett County Transit, providing curb-to-curb shared ride bus service for eligible persons with disabilities. This service is complementary to Gwinnett County's local fixed-route bus service in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

  • Offers printable Ride Guide to interested participants with full detail on a reduced fare program; eligibility requirements, application guidelines, office operation hours, a Paratransit Route Map and Travel Training information.

GCT Half Fare Program

Half Fare is a program available on the fixed route local services for any person over the age of 65, a person with a disability or a Medicare card holder. In order to receive the benefit proof of eligibility is required to be displayed to the operator.

  • Has printable Half Fare Application to return to GCT offices to become eligible. Application available in five additional languages. 
  • Program recommends pairing with MARTA’s half fare program for transfers to and from MARTA.

Cobb County Transit (Cobblinc)

CobbLinc Paratransit

CobbLinc’s paratransit service operates Monday through Sunday within a 3/4-mile area surrounding the existing local bus routes and limited areas of Fulton County as a curb-to-curb, shared-ride service for paratransit eligible Cobb County residents who cannot access the local fixed-route buses. You must be certified as paratransit eligible through CobbLinc to use this service.

Offers printable Paratransit User Guide

You must complete part A and have part B of their paratransit application reviewed and signed before joining this program.

Transportation Voucher Program

The Cobb County Transportation Voucher Program (TVP) assists elderly and disabled Cobb County residents living outside the CobbLinc paratransit service area in paying for private transportation services. You must be certified with CobbLinc for paratransit service to qualify. 

Free Transit Access for those who are in need: Midtown Assistance Center (MAC) 

Midtown Assistance Center is currently operating fully remote due to the pandemic; however, they are providing services including MARTA assistance. We provided round trip passes for job interviews and day labor and seven day passes for new jobs. 

MARTA clients are either broadly defined as homeless (unsheltered, staying with a friend, in a shelter, etc.) or housed (name on a lease or mortgage). If applicants are housed, they will have to live within the following 10 zip codes; 30303, 30308, 30309, 30310, 30312, 30313, 30315, 30314, 30318, 30363. Anyone in need of MARTA can apply on the MAC website to "Request Food or MARTA".