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How We Help

Leverage the Resources of Midtown Alliance

Midtown Atlanta's growing reputation as a top-tier business, leisure and residential destination is due in no small part to the ongoing work of the Midtown Alliance, a non-profit partnership of business and civic leaders. For more than 30 years, we've promoted the area's spectacular array of assets, and improved and sustained the quality of life for those come here to work, to play and to stay here. 

Our staff is here to help you, your employees and tenants, and your business thrive, through:

A Unique Blueprint...A Master Plan For Midtown Atlanta

Initiated by Midtown Alliance, a comprehensive master plan called Blueprint Midtown guides the district's growth. The plan is the result of a unique visioning process in which the entire community had a voice. Through the Blueprint, Midtown Alliance focuses on issues that promote economic development and enrich community life--public safety, a cleaner environment, better pedestrian passageways, less traffic, and more greenspace.

Strong Zoning, Economic Development & Design Support

Blueprint Midtown inspired the single largest rezoning legislation in City of Atlanta history. As a result, the Blueprint is backed by the letter and spirit of the law and helps ensure a livable, workable and sustainable community. Midtown Alliance works to make this happen by acting as a liaison between the private sector and public realm. We provide design and development guidelines and resources through our urban planning staff. By providing economic data, maps, development trends, zoning consultation, and other information, the Alliance assists the private sector in the build-out of Midtown Atlanta.

Midtown Improvement District

Midtown Alliance also facilitates the Midtown Improvement District (MID), a self-taxing district created by Midtown commercial property owners to fund large-scale, local public improvement programs. The MID addresses stakeholder issues and aggressively pursues ways to leverage taxpayer dollars with other funding sources.

Capital Improvements

The multi-million dollar program is transforming major Midtown corridors into safe, attractive, pedestrian-friendly passages and is creating urban parks and greenspaces. These projects improve accessibility, as well as create a vibrant, enjoyable district in which to work. 

Midtown Blue Public Safety Force

Midtown Blue, a private security force of off-duty Atlanta Police Department (APD) officers, acts as the "eyes and ears" of the Midtown community 24/7/365.  In addition to patrolling day and night in marked vehicles, Midtown Blue also constantly monitors 55 high-definition cameras that cover almost 90% of Midtown's public right-of-ways. Midtown Blue safety classes and programs are available for your tenants and employees.

Midtown EcoDistrict

Midtown Alliance is taking the lead in the creation of the South's first urban EcoDistrict. Together with Midtown businesses, stakeholders and residents, we are "greening-up" our own operations, assisting others with sustainability initiatives, and providing a platform to recognize the work of those in the District. 

Midtown Transportation

Midtown's transportation management association works to provide better mobility and improved air quality in Midtown, while collaborating with regional agencies to increase transportation options. Our staff provides customized commute options programs for your worksite.  Commuters are encouraged to clean commute through incentives, walking maps, ridematching, walking maps and more for your tenants and employees.


Constant attention by Midtown Alliance's full-time landscaping and maintenance operation keeps the Midtown community clean and inviting.