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Midtown Transportation is a program of Midtown Alliance that works with 130+ Midtown employers to address challenges ranging from parking to relocation and transportation-related expenses.

It all starts with making it easier for your employees to use new travel options to get to and from your workplace.

Why Change the Way Your Employees Get to Work:

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How Our Experts Help Workplaces:

Consulting for businesses looking to address parking constraints, increase employee satisfaction and retention, attract talent and decrease overhead costs. Our customized commute options services are provided at no cost to Midtown Atlanta employers and property managers, including: 


Mapping, surveys and analysis to determine how your workforce is commuting today, and identify strategies to help them get to work faster and with less stress. Our consultants bring expertise on issues from transit subsidies to parking management.

Tools and support

Customized individual route planning, commuter financial incentives and other support to encourage employee participation in commuter programs. Our team can develop custom onsite education campaigns for your workforce. 

Results Tracking

Reporting on the impact of your commuter program in terms of direct financial savings to employees, miles of vehicle travel eliminated by your workplace and tons of pollution and CO2 reduced on an annual basis.

Relocation Services

Ensuring a smooth transition for employer moving into Midtown, including route planning, sharing best practices among peer commuter programs, district orientation briefings, reference materials and more.

Midtown Transportation Partner Program

Recognition as a regional leader for improving transportation and quality of life in Midtown. Partner resources include help with access regional transportation commuter support programs and tools, quarterly events, and more.


Join the almost 200 Midtown employers and property managers already partnering with Midtown Transportation.

Contact us for more information on how you can become a Midtown Transportation Partner.