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Midtown ATL

Transit Options in Midtown

Midtown is well served by a variety of public transit routes. By taking public transit, you can avoid the stress and cost of parking, skip the traffic if taking the train, reduce your carbon footprint, and use your commuting time to relax, read articles or watch videos. You can find more information below on specific transit agencies and routes. Please note that fare for any of the transit agencies listed below can be loaded on to Breeze Cards.


Check out the MARTA Ride Guide

The red and gold rail lines, running northbound and southbound, serve North Ave, Midtown, and Arts Center MARTA Stations. Download the MARTA On the Go app for real-time information on next train arrivals, bus tracking, schedules, and service alerts.

Never taken the train before? Simple follow these steps:

  1. Identify which station you'll be leaving from and going to. Google maps can provide directions via transit, and tell you which stations and rail line to use.
  2. Enter the station using your breeze card or breeze ticket. The fare is $2.50 one way. Learn more about purchasing and using fare here.
  3. Approach the appropriate platform. For example, if you are going from Buckhead Station to Arts Center Station, you want the southbound platform. Use the map below to help determine which direction you are going. If you are leaving Midtown, take note of whether you want the gold line train or the red line train (or either one). 
  4. Allow others to depart before boarding the train. Listen for announcements to know which station is next. 
  5. Depart the train at your stop and use your breeze card to exit the station.


There are 14 MARTA bus routes connecting Midtown with other Atlanta neighborhoods.

Never taken the bus before? Simply follow these steps:

  1. Identify which route you want to take. Google maps can provide directions via transit, and may give you a few different bus route options to choose from.
  2. Wait for the bus at a MARTA Station or bus stop along the route. Google maps displays bus stops as small blue bus icons along streets.
  3. Check your bus's location using the MARTA On the Go app.
  4. Board the bus using your breeze card or exact change. The fare is $2.50 one way, but if you're boarding from a train or a different bus you will have received a free transfer. If you don't have fare on your breezecard, you can load fare at a MARTA Station or online at - just know it may take up to 24 hours to process.
  5. Pull the yellow cord on either side of the bus before the bus approaches your stop. Depart the bus and make your way to your destination. 

Bus routes serving Midtown:

GT Gold Route

Georgia Tech operates a bus route (the Stinger gold route) which connects Midtown MARTA Station with Tech Square and various points across campus. All GT bus routes are free and available to the public. For real-time bus tracking, please click here. You can find schedules and other information here.

Atlantic Station Shuttle

The free Atlantic Station shuttle connects Arts Center MARTA Station with multiple stops in Atlantic Station. Click here for schedules, maps, and real-time information. 

Regional Commuter Buses

Midtown is also well served by regional commuter buses, including GRTA Xpress, CobbLinc (formerly CCT) and Gwinnett County Transit buses. Please see below for a map of these routes. Park-and-ride locations in grey indicate routes that don't stop in Midtown, but do stop in Downtown, where one could transfer to MARTA.

If you need help determining which route is best for you, submit a request for a personalized route plan.

Free MARTA access for those in need through Midtown Assistance Center (MAC) 

Midtown Assistance Center (MAC) provides MARTA passes for people who are searching for employment or newly employed until they receive their first paycheck. MAC provides passes to both homeless and housed clients. You can find more information on eligibility and needed documents here. To request MARTA passes, click here. If you are unable to complete an online form, please call the Assistance line at 404-681-5777 – Monday – Friday 10AM – 12PM.

Paratransit and Reduced Fare


MARTA Mobility
Unlike MARTA’s fixed routes, MARTA Mobility is a shared, curb-to-curb, advance reservation mode of public transit for those with disabilities. MARTA Mobility is a complementary paratransit service that operates within the same service area as fixed route bus and rail services, and makes public transit equally accessible for eligible individuals whose disabilities prevent them from getting to and from fixed route services or riding fixed route services. It may also be used to transport customers to fixed route, bus, or rail stations (feeder service). Click here to learn more, including fares and how to apply for a MARTA Mobility Breeze Card.
Reduced Fare Program
Reduced Fare Breeze Cards are offered to eligible senior citizens (65 yrs or older), people with disabilities and Medicare cardholders. Those approved to have these cards only pay $1 per trip. If you'd like to apply for reduced fare, you must complete the reduced fare form and present it, with accompanying documents, at Five Points Station or MARTA Headquarters (across from Lindbergh Center Station).
Travel Training
MARTA also offers a program to help riders with disabilities learn how to use their system with the Travel Training Program. This training allows riders to understand the way to travel MARTA’s system safely and independently covering subjects such as Reading the system Maps, Planning for emergencies and Identifying landmarks.

CobbLinc (formerly Cobb County Transit)

CobbLinc Paratransit
CobbLinc’s paratransit service operates Monday through Sunday within a 3/4-mile area surrounding the existing local bus routes and limited areas of Fulton County as a curb-to-curb, shared-ride service for paratransit eligible Cobb County residents who cannot access the local fixed-route buses. You must be certified as paratransit eligible through CobbLinc to use this service. Visit the CobbLinc Paratransit webpage or Rider's Guide for more information, including fares, how to apply, and service for those with temporary disabilities. 
Cobb Transportation Voucher Program
The Cobb County Transportation Voucher Program (TVP) assists elderly and disabled Cobb County residents living outside the CobbLinc paratransit service area in paying for private transportation services. You must be certified with CobbLinc for paratransit service to qualify. Visit the webpage or flyer to learn more.

Gwinnett County Transit (GCT)

GCT ADA Paratransit Program
Gwinnett County's paratransit service is a specialized transportation service of Gwinnett County Transit, providing curb-to-curb shared ride bus service for eligible persons with disabilities. This service is complementary to Gwinnett County's local fixed-route bus service in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. For more information visit the website or view the rider's guide.
GCT Half Fare Program
Half Fare is a program available on the fixed route local services for any person over the age of 65, a person with a disability or a Medicare card holder. In order to receive the benefit proof of eligibility is required to be displayed to the operator. A Half-Fare customer could also apply for a Half-Fare GCT Breeze Card that would allow for easy fare loading, reloading, and free transfers to MARTA. A customer would also need to get a MARTA Half-Fare Breeze Card for a trip starting with MARTA to receive the free transfer benefit to GCT. For more information visit the website or view the application