Bring This Campaign to Your Area

Keep (Your Neighborhood/District) Open

Bring This Campaign to Your Area

Midtown Alliance and its partners created this campaign to share across the state and with every county, city and neighborhood. It speaks directly to public health and the simple actions we can take to help each other. And the premise is simple. If we're being asked to do these things that are a little outside our comfort zone in order to reduce the likelihood that we'll have to go back into lockdown, let's have some fun with it. 


Ready-to-use graphic design files and fun ideas that you can customize + edit to make your own

Feel free to use these resources and adapt them so you can keep your area open. Together, we will all get through this.

Hey! Drop us a line.

Share with us how you're using this campaign in your area. We'd love to hear from you!.          @MidtownATL (Facebook, Twitter)          @Midtown_ATL (Instagram)

Thanks to our partners in Atlanta for bringing their creative juices to this project. 

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