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Programs & Projects

Our Programs & Projects

Midtown Alliance is working to make Midtown's strengths even better. Through our comprehensive approach to urban planning and development, we improve and sustain Midtown Atlanta.


Over three decades and counting, the community has rallied in support of our comprehensive master plan, Blueprint Midtown. During this time, Midtown has attracted an unprecedented wave of growth and development. We continue to welcome new development that is consistent with this vision.


Through urban planning and capital projects, we have created a pedestrian-oriented network of  well lit, tree-lined sidewalks that make it easy to walk everywhere, and pocket parks and plazas that give visitors, residents and workers places to enjoy along the way


All of our programs contribute to the vibrancy here. By attracting and supporting an exciting mix of street-level retail and restaurants, we've created energy and economic growth in the Midtown core. We sponsor and support Midtown events and promotions in coordination with our members and partners. And through our communications, we tell the story of Midtown and provide up-to-date information on what’s happening here.


The Midtown EcoDistrict, the South’s first urban eco-district, is a strategic initiative that will “green-up” our own programs and services, and elevate the sustainability efforts of Midtown businesses, institutions and residents. Our creation of new plazas, pocket parks and maintaining more than 2,700 shade trees enhance Midtown’s beauty and livability.



Constant attention by Midtown Alliance’s full-time landscaping and maintenance operation keeps the Midtown community clean and inviting.


Today, Midtown is safer than ever thanks to Midtown Blue – our 24/7/365 public safety program.


Our work includes coordinating transportation improvements for Midtown, better traffic flow through signal management, intersection improvements, wayfinding signage and enhancing Midtown’s gateways and bridges.

Through Midtown Transportation, we provide customized commute options services to Midtown employers and property managers.


Midtown is a thriving innovation district, with unmatched assets that create an ecosystem ripe for growth.

Through a district-wide innovation plan, Midtown Alliance is catalyzing growth in high-tech and creative industries with new programs, projects and partnerships to attract even more entrepreneurs and investment.

We know there's a lot to love in Midtown. And through our continued work to enhance and promote the unique characteristics that make Midtown special, there will only be more to come.