Planning & Urban Design

Midtown Alliance is the driving force behind Midtown Atlanta’s growing reputation as a top-tier business, leisure and residential destination.  Our organization has a long track record of proactive planning, development assistance, and project implementation – all of which contribute to Midtown’s emergence as a premier urban center.  

Blueprint Midtown

It all began in 1997 with an innovative community-based planning process known as Blueprint Midtown. Spearheaded by Midtown Alliance and strengthened by direct input from thousands of Midtown stakeholders, the Blueprint is a comprehensive master plan to promote economic development and enrich the quality of life in Midtown.

Midtown Transportation Plan

In January 2016, Midtown Alliance undertook the largest transportation study yet with the goal of examining district-wide mobility.  We recognize that a transportation network is an important tool for meeting a broader range of economic and quality of life goals. To this end, the plan is grounded in the vision articulated by Blueprint Midtown 3.0. The Study will be completed in early September.  Click here for more details.

Development Review

Midtown Alliance assists the development community with the design of high-quality projects consistent with the goals of the Blueprint master plan. We assist in the front-end of the development process by offering zoning consultation and preliminary project review. We serve as the liaison to the Midtown Development Review Committee, which provides advisory comments to the City planning staff on all proposed developments in the Midtown core. We also provide a wide array of development resources including economic data, maps, demographics, development trends, and design guidelines on our Resource Center to aid the private sector in the build-out of a livable, sustainable Midtown Atlanta.