Midtown: Growing Green

The Midtown EcoDistrict was created on the heels of a major sustainability planning initiative (Greenprint Midtown) as a platform for this community to collaborate on initiatives that result in improved environmental and economic performance. This initiative aims to position Midtown as one of the most livable, vibrant and sustainable districts in the U.S. Midtown is uniquely positioned to take the lead. It has all the physical building blocks in place - a pedestrian-friendly street grid, a dense and diverse mix of land uses, robust transit options, and significant green space. Midtown Alliance plays a key role in the EcoDistrict by developing partnerships, encouraging participation, improving and maintaining the public realm, and tracking and communicating results.  

Links We Love

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SustainableAtlanta.org - Catalyst for a green and inclusive economy in Metro Atlanta

Take a look at our list of resources for taking action at your home or worksite.

EcoDistrict Events

Opportunities abound for businesses and properties to learn more about sustainability. Below are a few upcoming events.

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Greenshortz: Harvesting Rain

A Midtown Atlanta restaurant, Lure, is taking a unique approach to managing the rain water that falls on its roof. It is capturing the water and harvesting it to flush toilets. To do this, it is using a device called the Original Rainwater Pillow.