Public Space Improvements

Since the creation of the Midtown Improvement District in 2000, more than $400 million has been invested in public improvement and infrastructure projects in the Midtown core.  This includes both public and private funding to:

  •          Build more than 15 miles of new streetscapes and bridgescapes
  •          Improve the street network
  •          Optimize traffic signals
  •          Build bike lanes
  •          Create new parks and plazas

These capital investments have transformed Midtown’s major corridors with new sidewalks and bicycle facilities, decorative lighting, street trees, landscaping, street furniture, improved crosswalks, traffic signal management and other vehicular improvements - all of which reinforce the district’s strong urban identity. Midtown Alliance continues to implement public space improvements and sponsor special projects to maintain and enhance the district.

View the current map of our Capital Improvement projects.

Learn the status of projects currently under construction, recently completed, and in planning:

Pedestrian and Bicycle Corridor Projects

Since 2001, Midtown Alliance has facilitated the design and construction of pedestrian and bicycle enhancements throughout the district.  Our improvement projects in 10 major corridors have resulted in:

  • Over 15 miles of new sidewalks;
  • Approximately 4 miles of new planned and constructed bicycle facilities;
  • More than 700 new street and pedestrian lights;
  • Over 900 shade trees planted and 2,500 maintained within public rights of way; and
  • Three new public plazas along Atlanta’s signature corridor, Peachtree Street


Midtown Alliance undertook its largest transportation study yet to examine districtwide mobility beginning in January 2016. Through this study, Midtown Alliance is seeking to ensure the area’s long-term vitality, reinforce transit investments, and manage vehicle traffic while continuing to offer a quality environment for walking and biking.   Over this year-long process, with input from thousands of people in-person and online, we assessed needs, evaluated and prioritized projects, and identified programs and strategies to create an action plan for implementation. We encourage you to learn more about the challenge this plan will address, view the planning process, read about existing plans and trends in mobility from across the country, and stay connected on plan updates.

Midtown Alliance has already been addressing many of these opportunities through existing programs, including:

  • the Midtown Transportation Operations Program,  in partnership with the City of Atlanta and Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), which is optimizing more than 100 traffic signals throughout the district
  • our public space improvement plans, which have led to more than 15 miles of new tree-lined sidewalks and 4 miles of connected bike lanes, with more on the way
  • Midtown Alliance’s dedicated Midtown Transportation team that works with employers and commuters to make commuting by transit, bike, carpool, vanpool or foot easier and more convenient

Parks and Plaza Projects 

Over the last twelve years, Midtown Alliance has designed new parks and plazas including the Arts Center Plaza at the intersection of Peachtree and 15th Streets; Ponce Triangle at the corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Peachtree Street; refurbishment of the Athletes of the World monument and greenspace at the intersection of Peachtree and West Peachtree Streets; and a "Reading Room" park at Peachtree and 10th Streets in partnership with the Atlanta History Center.

Special Projects & Enhancements

No capital improvements effort is complete without a maintenance strategy and continued efforts to enhance the environment.  Midtown Alliance regularly partners with the City of Atlanta, local businesses, institutions, and organizations to keep our urban district clean, green, and safe.  These special projects include:

  • Routine sidewalk maintenance, including concrete and paver replacements, curb ramp repairs, and driveway/apron repairs.
  • Landscape management, from tree planting and replacement, to water-wise gardens, tree well fencing, flower pots, and median landscaping.
  • Multi-modal enhancements:  transit stop improvements and bicycle rack installations.
  • Management of trash and recycling, as well as placement of new receptacles.
  • Public art.
  • Amenities and urbanism initiatives including installation of Little Free Library locations.

Read about more of our future projects and enhancements making Midtown the heartbeat of Atlanta. Our monthly Capital Projects Update covers what's under construction in the neighborhood.