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There are many reasons to implement a commute options program at your property or business. Reduce parking demands and costs.  Improve morale, recruitment and retention. Do your part to ease traffic congestion and improve air quality. You may even boost your bottom line. 

Our customized commute options services are provided at no cost to Midtown Atlanta employers and property managers, including:

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Employee Surveys, Customized Partnership Plans and Reporting Results

Our team creates customized Partnership Plans based on your specific worksite, including surveys of your employees' current commutes and level of interest in commute alternatives. Partnership plans identfy programs and strategies to provide you and your employees with the greatest benefit, and are updated annually to best suit your needs. Our team also captures and reports on programs results - from direct financial savings for your employees, to the impact your program is having on vehicle miles kept off the roads and tons of air pollution reduced. 

Commuter Logging Website & Incentives

We develop a custom website for your employees to use to report their clean commutes. In addition to capturing data that will show you the results of your commute options program, this website allows your employees to qualify for a wide variety of incentives - from gas cards to cash and gift certificates. 

Employer Education Series and Onsite Events

Each year, partners can attend free webinars and seminars, featuring subject matter experts who provide guidance on commute options programs, such as how to start  or improve a telework program, or the connection between air quality and traffic congestion. Additionally, our staff hosts free, onsite events to engage your employees in using commute alternatives. 

Relocation Commute Planning and Pre-Tax Benefits 

Metro Atlanta commuters cite office location - and the resulting commute - as one of the biggest factors they consider when considering a job. Attract and retain top talent by encouraging employees to utilize Midtown's ammenities and choose the best commute options.

Take advantage of IRS-provided tax benefits that that can save employees up to one-third on transit, vanpool or bicycling commute costs - while also reducing your payroll taxes. 

Alternative Work Arrangement Consulting 

Local and national experts are available to help start or expand telework programs, or create compressed work week or flexible work hours that can extend customer service hours, reduce office space costs, and increase productivity.

Discounted Transit Passes & Guaranteed Ride Home

If your company participates in Midtown Transportation's transit pass program, you can receive a 20% discount on the monthly MARTA fare cost. We can also provide  GCT, CCT and Xpress transit passes to Midtown employers. For employees who use a qualifying commute alternative, the Guaranteed Ride Home program allows up to five free taxi rides home when unexpected events happen. 

Idle Reduction Program

Reduce pollution-causing emissions and fuel costs at your worksite by using our free signage and educational materials that encourage less idling at your facility, loading docks pedestrian areas, or among your diesel fleets.

Recognition as a Regional Leader

From media coverage that profiles your company for its efforts in reducing traffic and improving air quality, to the opportunity to be recognized as one of the best workplaces for commuters through the annual PACE Awards, we can help you get positive press and a place in the spotlight. . 

Join the almost 200 Midtown employers and property managers already partnering with Midtown Transportation. Contact us for more information on how you can become a Platinum Partner.