Return to Office Strategy

Choice and flexiblity are becoming the new norm as commute programs become more holistic and personalized. How will you readdress your programs to better support the changing needs of your workforce as they return to the office?

Midtown Transportation has helped more than 150 employers navigate a variety of complex commute-related challenges. Let us help you identify the requisite support services, incentives, and fundamentals for bringing people back to your Midtown office. 


Next Steps 

  • Download our complete Return to Office brochure

  • Understand your unique position. While resources for best practices seem to be popping up everywhere, understanding the unique circumstances of your workforce is critical in knowing which workplace and commute strategies will work best for your organization. Midtown Transportation offers an anonymous and customizable employee survey to help your organization identify workplace and commute strategies that best support employees and ensure productivity. 

  • Develop a custom commute program.  Schedule time to speak with one of our commute specialists to: 

    • Learn what comparable organizations are doing to prepare for changes in commute behavior such as decreased transit ridership, increased parking demand, staggered telework and in-office schedules, and more 
    • Start your survey efforts and receive a full summary and analysis, including recommended program and policy updates 

    • Receive help implementing and communicating critical program and policy changes