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100+ Midtown Participants Start Journey Toward Car-Lite Lifestyle

Go Car-Lite Champions L-R: Matt, Bithia, Dale, Bernadette, & Amy


With 96% of office buildings located within a 6-minute walk of Midtown Atlanta’s four MARTA stations, 5+ miles of bike lanes, and 40+ linear miles of sidewalk, there has never been a better time to try out new transportation options in Midtown Atlanta’s thriving, connected transportation network.

In all, more than 115 applicants who live and/or work in Midtown expressed interest in Midtown Transportation’s Go Car-Lite campaign, which is now underway. During September, they will leave their cars at home and use a mobility toolkit provided by Midtown Transportation and allied partners to navigate their daily commutes, complete with MARTA passes, ZipCar and Relay bikeshare credits and more.

“We currently work with more than 120 employers on programs that get their employees out of traffic,” said Katie Marticke, Midtown Transportation senior project manager. “But Go Car-Lite is a new program, and we didn’t know how people were going to receive it. So far, people are excited about testing out transportation options beyond cars, to see what works for them and how easy it is to use. We want everybody in Midtown to give it a try.”

Sage advice from a Midtown car-lite expert

To help these commuters on their new journey, Midtown Alliance sought guidance from 20-year Midtown resident Stephanie Armistead, who has successfully lived car-free in Atlanta for eight years and counting. Armistead documents her experiences on the blog Atlanta WithOut A Car.

“What gives me hope that other people can follow my lead is what Midtown Alliance is doing with Go Car-Lite,” Armistead said to attendees at a special kickoff event last week. “To create awareness and to spread the message is the first step. We need to educate people and let them know that they can do this, even if it’s just starting one day a week. One week a month. Take one step. Make a change.”

Watch: Meet Our Featured Champions

Tune in each week as we publish a new webisode in our video miniseries highlighting the Go Car-Lite Champions on their journey toward living a car-lite lifestyle. Watch the participants experience new travel options and decide for yourself whether you could Go Car-Lite, too.

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