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Atlanta's One-Year Scooter-versary: Shay Kelly

The Scooter Commuter's Perspective

Published 5/2/19

Shay Kelly moved to Atlanta for her job at Midtown tech company Samsara almost three months ago, and prefers commuting to work by e-scooter rather than making the trek in heels. 

“Parking in Midtown is a challenge in some places and a scooter is the most practical,” Kelly said. “There are always scooters in front of my building.”

Although Kelly enjoys the convenience afforded to them by e-scooters, she expressed concerns about safety. Kelly rides hers on the street whenever there are bike lanes, but she uses the sidewalk on busy streets if there isn’t one.

“It’s dangerous to ride on the street here,” she said. “I know drivers are distracted, and I’d rather avoid it.”

According to City of Atlanta data, in March 2019 alone, Atlantans took a combined 363,032 rides on dockless scooters and bikes.



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