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Optimize Your Commute: Take Your Bike on the Bus or Train!

Tips for combining cycling and public transportation in Atlanta

Published: 4/8/2019

As the weather improves, the options for commuting increase. Whether you’re already biking or already taking MARTA, now is a perfect time to see how these two transportation options can work together to provide an active and clean commute. MARTA is a bike-friendly transit system, so there are lots of possibilities for making your commute a smooth and easy one.

Bike + Train

Bikes are welcome on all MARTA trains at all times.

The best way to ride MARTA with your bike is to stand with your bike at the end of a train car or in the luggage area near the doors. Make sure your bike is not blocking the doors or aisle, or taking space away from someone who needs a seat. If the train cars are extremely crowded, especially around rush hour, you may want to consider waiting for the next train. Use common sense and be courteous to those around you. You can carry your bike up and down the stairs or take the elevator. Remember, no riding your bike in the MARTA stations.

Robert Butera is a bike commuter who works at Georgia Tech. He’s been biking to and from work for over a decade, often combining his biking with MARTA.

“Sometimes if I work late until 9 p.m., I don’t feel like biking home because it’s dark and it’s rainy, I always have the option to put my bike on the train” said Butera.

Bike + Bus

Every MARTA bus has a bike rack located on the front of the bus that will hold two bikes – first come, first served. This is a great way to combine biking with taking the bus on a regular commute.

Once the bus is stopped, simply pull the rack down and set your bike in place, pulling the retractable arm over the front wheel.

“I like the bike racks—you use them once and it’s obvious how to use them,” said Butera.

If you need assistance the first time, ask your bus driver for help.

MARTA's Bike Resources

Racks: All of the MARTA train stations except for Airport have bike racks inside the station. Remember to bring a good lock with you at all times.

Kiosks: All of the MARTA train stations except for Airport have bike repair kiosks. At some stations, such as Edgewood-Candler Park, this kiosk is inside the fare-gates. At other stations, such as Lindbergh Center, this is outside of the fare-gates. Each bike kiosk includes a bike pump, tools for repair and a stand to hold one bicycle,


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