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Design Work Moving Forward on 5th Street Complete Street

The goal of the 5th Street Complete Street project is to reduce potential for collisions between pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists.

Published: 05/06/19
The latest design for 5th Street Complete Street.The 5th Street Complete Street design between Williams and Spring Street.

The 5th Street Complete Street project is moving forward with a revised design for the Tech Square area between Williams and West Peachtree Streets as a result of ongoing collaboration with area stakeholders.

Between Williams and West Peachtree Streets, 5th Street is busy with students, employees and retail traffic due to the multiple restaurants, an Amazon drop-off center and several other businesses. The goal of the 5th Street Complete Street project is to reduce potential for collisions between pedestrians, vehicles, and cyclists along the entirety of the corridor. In the Tech Square area, the project must also endeavor to maintain the street’s vibrancy.

Camera footage of a near-collision in the corridor. Camera footage of the corridor as it currently exists.

The Design Process

The initial design proposal, which was presented to the public in fall 2018 for feedback, included two protected bike lanes, one in each direction. In sharing this initial design with key stakeholders, including Georgia Tech and the City of Atlanta, Midtown Alliance learned that the removal of on-street parking required to create these two protected bike lanes could potentially impact area retailers. The new design proposes a two-way cycle track along the southern edge of the roadway and two mid-block crossings to facilitate pedestrian movements. It also maintains almost all on-street parking. 

“We think the revised design is exciting in that it addresses the priorities of all stakeholders and provides us the opportunity to partner with the City and Georgia Tech to improve the safety and experience of the Tech Square area,” said Cladie Washburn, Director of the Capital Projects Program at Midtown Alliance.

The project corridor includes more than Tech Square. Indeed, it extends half mile east to Myrtle Street. The proposed design for the area east of Tech Square includes increased visibility for the bike lanes, reorganization of sidewalks to provide easier accessibility and ADA-compliant intersections. The original design proposed in fall 2018 remains the same and will be further detailed as the project begins the next phase of design.

The Timeline 

Final designs on the project are expected to be delivered by early 2020, and construction is expected to begin by late 2020. Follow the project’s progress by visiting the project webpage.


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