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Event Recap: Let’s Talk Midtown Explores Future Transit Plans

Published 7/27/18

More than 300 Midtown residents, workers and visitors attended a town hall event at the Georgian Terrace Hotel to discuss proposed projects that represent the largest MARTA expansion in 40 years. The event was organized by Midtown Alliance, with presentations from City of Atlanta and MARTA leadership.


City of Atlanta Planning Commissioner Tim Keane noted that population in the region is expected to grow by 2.5M people by 2040 - roughly equivalent to adding the Charlotte region into Atlanta. The City of Atlanta has developed a comprehensive plan to accommodate the increase in people, including considerations for land use and transportation among several topics that shape future growth.


The More MARTA initiative is considered a once-in-a-generation opportunity with a conversation about how to invest in expanding bus and rail service around the City. $2.5B proposed project list is currently in its third iteration since 2016, following prior rounds of public input. The proposed project list will go to the MARTA Board this fall for a vote.


MARTA Assistant General Manager Ben Limmer noted the More MARTA expansion initiative carries the potential to provide service to 126 Atlanta neighborhoods, opening access to 350K jobs, and creating 61% greater access to transit for communities with large low-income populations.

More Ways to Follow the Conversation

Watch a video replay of the event on Midtown Alliance's Facebook channel.

Get info on the More MARTA program and give your feedback on the proposed projects here.

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