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March DRC Recap: Modifications Proposed to 999 Peachtree

Interior and exterior updates were proposed to the 999 Peachtree building in the heart of Midtown.


Two applicants were scheduled to present to the Midtown Development Review Committee at the group's March 2023 meeting. While the Piedmont REIT application for improvements to the 999 Peachtree office building was reviewed, the applicant representing 1029 Peachtree Street was not in attendance to discuss proposed improvements at that site. Therefore, the DRC reviewed only the 999 Peachtree application in person.

Read more below about proposed exterior ground floor façade and plaza improvements planned for the southern portion of the 999 Peachtree building.

999 Peachtree

The design team previewed the renovations intended at sidewalk level at the south side of the building. This included upgrades to the main entry façade along Peachtree St. and interior lobby. The makeover of the rear plaza included a glass vestibule, fireplaces, new seating areas and landscaping. The DRC appreciated the retrofit based on the adjacent context and supported improved porosity of the rear plaza. In that spirit of public access and activation the DRC had various comments.

DRC Recommendations:

  • Lower the height of the fencing along Peachtree Place to 6’ or less per code requirements and maintain two points of similar ingress/egress from the rear courtyard to Peachtree Place.
  • Consider improved glass storefronts within the existing framework of the marble clad pilasters along each public façade.
  • Provide direct entry access from retail space #2 to the Peachtree St. sidewalk per code requirements.
  • Install overhead coverage for inclement weather along with flanking tables and chairs for visual interest and activity at the main Peachtree St. entry.
  • Replace the sidewalk pavers at each side of the recessed entry facing Peachtree St. with a standard concrete sidewalk consistent with Midtown standards.
  • Consider signage opportunities via blade signs along Peachtree St. for the future retailers.
  • Improve ADA access with push button activators at the main Peachtree St. entry and holistically enhance pedestrian connectivity to the rear adjacent hotel.

Next Steps: The committee expects to receive updated info for electronic review to confirm that these recommendations will be addressed.

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