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Midtown Alliance Hires Atlanta Bike Share Veteran to Advance Commuter Programs

Former Relay General Manager Julie Wells brings expertise and enthusiasm about transportation options

Published: 4/8/2019

Midtown Alliance is thrilled to welcome Julie Wells, Midtown Transportation's newest Program Manager. Julie is an alternative transportation enthusiast and passionate about the unique opportunities for commute options in Atlanta. Julie's experience as the General Manager of Relay Bike Share and as a volunteer with the Atlanta Cycling Festival, will be critical in continuing to develop impactful commute programs for Midtown employers and their workforces. 

We sat down with Julie to get her take on the transportation scene in Midtown. 

What aspects of transportation in Atlanta are interesting to you?
Atlanta is still building and developing—we’re able to be on the cutting edge of what’s going on.

Why is clean commuting important to you?
There are the pollution and climate change implications. I think a lot of people overlook how their cars impact the environment. People talk about how they’re into recycling and eating and doing all these things for the environment, but somehow the car gets overlooked. I think it’s because people feel boxed into it and they don’t see a way out. 
Plus, clean commuting is often far less stress—when you’re on a train or on the bus or on your bike, it’s a chance to connect with your city in a different way. 

What are you looking forward to in joining the Midtown Transportation team?
I’m really excited to advocate for all the commute options we have available now. The opportunity to expand beyond bike-shares into this dynamic industry is exciting to me.

Favorite things about Midtown?
Midtown has become such an example of what Atlanta could be in responsible development—it’s a benchmark for other communities. As a result of that intentional planning, when you’re in Midtown, it’s one of the places in Atlanta where you want to walk around from spot to spot. Going to a show, going to a restaurant, grabbing a drink, doing it all on foot, then jumping on MARTA and going home—it’s the best.

What’s your experience with MARTA?
I live between the Candler Park and Reynoldstown stations. I get to pick and choose which to go to on a given day. I will bike or walk to either station—depends on whether I’m in a rush, what I’m carrying, and what the weather is. It’s nice having both options at my disposal. 

Thoughts on scooters?
Micro-mobility is going to play a huge role in how we navigate our cities moving forward. Atlanta is hot and muggy, and not everyone is in the same physical condition, and not everyone wants to show up to work sweaty, so electric bikes and scooters fit in that perfect niche. 

I’m excited by the Eastside Beltline Trail and the scooters. Atlanta is desperate for ways to ways to get around and places to move around in that are car-free. When those things exist, they do get used.

What’s your favorite way to get around Atlanta?
Hands down, my electric bike. I bought it in August of last year and have been using it ever since.

Why do you like biking?
You get to just ride up to exactly where you’re going. It’s door to door service. Watching other people searching for parking spots, I’m already locked up and going inside.

Midtown Transportation, a program of Midtown Alliance, is a 4-person team that works with Midtown employers, employees, residents and property managers to provide transportation solutions that work. The team currently works with more than 130 partners on strategies that ease vehicular travel demand while working to address parking constraints, increase employee satisfaction and retention, attract talent, and decrease overhead costs.

Learn more about how Midtown Transportation can support commuters here.

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