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Midtown Improvement District Partners With Local Buildings to Install Standardized Parking Signage

Locating parking for retail and other Midtown destinations is about to get a bit easier.

Published 5/2/19Midtown Alliance is working with various sites in the MID to provide standardized parking signs.
The AC Hotel and Moxy Atlanta Midtown already have installed internationally identifiable parking signage.


Most of us have been there — you’ve got your destination in your sights, but you aren’t sure where to find parking for the building.


To help solve this issue, Midtown Alliance is working with various sites in the Midtown Improvement District to provide standardized parking signs that will help guide drivers to the best parking locations.


The project was spurred by a retail study Midtown Alliance commissioned two years ago. One of the key recommendations identified by the retail consultants was to install uniform parking signage in the district.



Signs Address Needs of Shoppers, Patrons and Visitors


“What we heard in the study loud and clear was patrons are the lifeblood for business," said Karl Smith-Davids, Senior Project Manager, Project and Urban Design. "If a businesses is to survive, their patrons need to first know where they are, and second need to know where they can park nearby. Today, there are a number of Midtown businesses whose new customers often complain about challenges with finding public parking.”


A comprehensive Midtown Alliance survey identified 28 public surface parking opportunities and 31 parking decks that contained spaces promoting available public parking. Midtown Alliance reached out to all of these deck sites to ask if they would be interested in supplemental parking signage.



Four Locations Signed on for Phase I


Midtown Alliance is currently working with four sites to install the new signage as part of phase one: 1048 Peachtree Parking Garage, Woodruff Arts Center, Regions Plaza and 999 Peachtree.


The internationally recognizable sign is a blue lighted circle with a white "P" in the middle, which will be installed above the entrances of parking decks, where it will be visible from highly-trafficked corridors.


The design is based on nearly identical signage already installed elsewhere in the district including: the AC Hotel and Moxy Atlanta Midtown, One Georgia Center and Georgia Tech Hotel Parking Garage. Other sites undergoing renovations or new construction plan to install the signs themselves upon completion, including Colony Square and the new headquarters for Norfolk Southern.


The universal parking signs are currently being manufactured by Douglasville, Georgia-based DyNyse Signs and should be completed and installed later this spring.


Manufacture, permitting and installation of the signs will be paid for by the Midtown Improvement District. The minimal cost of electricity needed to light the sign as well ongoing maintenance costs will be the building owner’s responsibility.



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