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New Northwest Corridor Express Lanes Make Commutes a Breeze for Bus Riders

"It's a game changer," said one bus commuter.

Published: 11/13/18

Photo courtesy of GDOT.

In September, thirty miles of new Express lanes opened up along Cobb and Cherokee counties. 

These Northwest Corridor Express managed lanes were designed to provide additional capacity to highway roads that too often become congested, and they offer relief to I-75 and I-575.The Express Lanes, which are reversible depending on time of day, are available to driving commuters who buy a Peach Pass.  

However, the new Northwest Corridor Express lanes also mean good news for commuter bus riders at no additional cost.

Regional commuter buses that go to and from Atlanta on I-75 and I-575 (plus registered vanpools) are allowed to use the Express Lanes at no cost. It is estimated that 1.32 million GRTA and CCT riders annually will see a shorter commute time because of the new lanes each year.

Stephen Lively, Northwest Corridor Project Manager at the Georgia Department of Transportation, said that the benefit of commuter buses riding in the Express Lanes is twofold.

"Trip times are more predictable and there is less time spent in traffic for bus riders," said Lively. "Plus, with these vehicles taken out of the general purpose lanes, travel times have decreased by 35 minutes on average in general purpose lanes."

Lively highly recommends that people who live in Cobb County but work in Midtown try out the commuter buses that travel on the Express Lanes for a more reliable commute.

Annis McCollum, a Marietta resident who works at an engineering firm in Midtown, says the new Express Lanes have transformed her daily commute to and from work on the 483 GRTA bus.

“The ride used to take us over an hour. With the new Express Lanes, which are very awesome, we get here in 35-40 minutes,” said McCollum. “It’s a game changer.” 

Learn more about the regional commuter bus routes to Midtown here. If you'd like a free custom route plan for your commute, fill out the form here.

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