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September 2021 DRC Recap: JPX Works Showcases New 31-Story Residential Tower

Published: 09/15/21


The Midtown Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting on September 14 featured JPX Works' 1405 Spring Street — a new 31-story residential building.

RJTR architects presented plans for JPX’s residential concept on the southeast corner of 18th and Spring Streets. The 31-story building has 325 residential units at 300,400 square feet, with lobby and leasing at the ground floor. To achieve the desired amount of residential density on the site, a transfer of development rights (97,000 square feet) is in process. A nine-story parking podium provides 325 spaces accessible via a curb cut along 18th St. As part of the development, two-way traffic flow on 18th St. is proposed to extend eastward. Two loading spaces are provided via a curb cut and roll-down door along Spring St. The committee appreciated the comprehensive thought behind the overall design and supported the identified variations with only minor comments.

DRC recommendations included:

  • Provide dimensioned setbacks in the east and south yards to confirm the associated variations requested
  • The nine-story parking podium should limit any light spillage via the use of cut-off light fixtures and louvers oriented to minimize visibility into the deck
  • Pedestrian and handicap access to the central elevators/stairs should be safe and clearly delineated on all parking deck levels
  • Further explore the opportunity for overhead utility burial along 18th St. and Spring St. This will inform the best potential design of the streetscape, including trees.

Next Steps: The DRC expects to receive updated plans for electronic review to confirm that these minor recommendations have been addressed.

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