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One Mile of Pedestrian Improvements Complete on Peachtree Street in SONO

Improvements along Peachtree Street are nearing completion in SONO (south of North Avenue) between Midtown and Downtown Atlanta, creating a safer and more pleasant walking experience for people in and around this area.

Midtown Alliance Closing in on Major Milestone for Sidewalk Improvements

This effort between Ponce de Leon Avenue and Pine Street is the latest in a series of improvement projects along Peachtree Street planned and implemented by Midtown Alliance since 2005. The completion of this project moves the organization closer to an important milestone more than a decade in the making: delivering improvements to nearly 15 linear miles of sidewalks in Midtown, catalyzed by funding from the Midtown Improvement District, Georgia DOT, Atlanta Regional Commission and the City of Atlanta.  

“In addition to other improvements, this project addressed very narrow sidewalk conditions, and a very busy but unsignalized pedestrian crossing near Emory University Hospital Midtown,” said Midtown Alliance CEO Kevin Green. “With these enhancements, the pedestrian experience in this area is much safer and more pleasant than it has ever been. We are proud of this project, and thankful for support from the Midtown Improvement District and the City of Atlanta’s Renew Atlanta bond program.”  

The $2M project was funded by the Midtown Improvement District, with additional support from Renew Atlanta going toward the installation of the signalized mid-block crossing near Emory University Hospital Midtown. With roadway paving and striping complete, additional landscaping and lighting upgrades in place, and new bike racks installed, the mid-block crossing signal was activated for testing this week.

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