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Survey Findings Illuminate Midtown Community’s Perceptions + Priorities

The Midtown district is a dynamic place undergoing transformational change. New buildings in the skyline. New projects at street level. New people coming into the community, each with their own views about Midtown.

For Midtown Alliance, community participation and feedback helps inform everything we do. It’s important to gauge attitudes and perceptions every few years so we can refine our work, and ultimately create an exceptional place. We recently fielded a new survey and the Midtown community responded. Big time. More than 3,500 people with a relationship to Midtown as workers, residents and visitors participated - a 79% jump in respondents over our last community survey in 2013.

The big picture? People who spend time in Midtown consider it to be a great place to live and work, offering lots of dining and cultural attractions. Across the board, people are big fans of what they see happening with Midtown Alliance streetscaping projects, landscaping in the public right of way and efforts to keep the area clean and attractive. But the sentiment is that there is more work to be done on transportation and safety in our rapidly growing district. And the call continues for more shopping options.

Here are some of the notable findings:


  • 94% of respondents indicated future investments in both walkability and transit should be a "very high" or "high priority," followed by bicycling (77%) and cars (50%). Of note, between 2013 and 2016, the percentage of respondents who felt transit should be a "very high" or "high" priority jumped 20 points to 94% versus 74% in 2013.

  • 65% of those who work in Midtown have a roundtrip commute of more than 30 minutes, and 28% commute for over an hour. For comparison, the regional average commute trip time is about 30 minutes each way, according to a study commissioned by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

  • More than half of respondents who live in the District (56%) indicated they use services such as Uber and Lyft at a rate of 3-5 times or more each month.

  • Concerns about traffic congestion were cited most often when respondents were asked to weigh in on what they feel are the most important issues facing Midtown.

Public Safety

  • More people feel Midtown is safer than it was five years ago.

  • When asked to rate their satisfaction with Midtown Alliance’s supplemental safety services, 62% of respondents felt Midtown Alliance is doing an excellent or very good job, up from 57% in 2013 and with a significantly larger sample size. Twenty-one percent of respondents in 2016 rated our public safety work as "fair" and 4% gave it a "poor" rating. At the same time, fewer respondents in 2016 (13%) were unfamiliar with Midtown Alliance’s role in providing supplemental safety services compared to 2013 (23%).


  • More respondents are going out to lunch in Midtown more frequently, with 47% of respondents indicating they eat lunch out an average of 6 times or more per month. In 2013, only 28% of respondents were doing it that often.

  • When asked what kind of stores they would like to see, nearly three out of four respondents (73%) requested more restaurant and grocery options in Midtown. Between 50% and 60% would like to see more apparel and goods retailers, as well as entertainment spots such as movie theaters. A few of the store brands respondents requested for Midtown are: Apple Store, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Banana Republic and Pottery Barn.


  • Ninety-one percent of respondents in 2016 definitely or probably would describe Midtown as clean and attractive, up from 84% in 2013. And 61% of respondents definitely or probably would characterize Midtown as an environmentally sustainable place, up from 49% in 2013.

  • Eighty-two percent of those who live and work in Midtown say that they have a strong or very strong sense of community or personal attachment to Midtown, and fewer than 1% say they have no sense of attachment at all.

“To everyone who took our 2016 Midtown Community Survey, thank you,” said Midtown Alliance CEO Kevin Green. “We appreciate your perspective. We learned a lot from it. And we cannot wait to put the insights from this survey to work for an even better experience.”

Look for our full report on 2016 Midtown Community Survey findings to be released soon in our Resource Center.

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