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Survey Findings: More Midtown Commuters Choosing Alternatives to Driving Alone

Published: 7/12/18

A recent survey of district workplaces found that a growing number of Midtown-bound commuters are ditching their drive-alone commute for alternatives such as transit, carpooling, biking and other options.

Among organizations working with Midtown Transportation, 40% of commuters are using alternatives to driving alone

Conducted this spring by the Midtown Transportation team, the survey garnered responses from 27 workplaces who have partnered with Midtown Transportation, representing a combined 2,790 Midtown commuter respondents (altogether, there are approximately 70K daytime workers in Midtown, 42k of those working for Midtown Transportation partners). Overall, 40% of respondents indicated they're getting to work by doing something other than driving alone. For comparison, a 2014 GDOT survey pegged the regional average at 18% of metro commuters using alternatives and the district-wide average in Midtown at 32%, which shows the serious impact businesses partnering with Midtown Transportation see.

“Commute options are integral to Midtown’s future as a thriving job center, especially considering that more than 17,000 new jobs have been announced for the district in the past 42 months, and more are expected,” said Midtown Alliance president and CEO Kevin Green. “Our organization works every day with Midtown businesses on programs to get their employees out of traffic, and these survey results show positive momentum that we hope will continue.”

More workplaces partnering with Midtown Transportation to address commuting challenges

Midtown Transportation, a program of Midtown Alliance, was started in the early-2000s to reduce traffic and improve air quality. Today, more than 120 Midtown workplaces partner with the Midtown Transportation team on free programs and services to encourage greater use of commute options. Learn more about the impact of Midtown Transportation’s initiatives.

Midtown Employer Recognized Among 2018’s Best Workplaces for Commuters

Neighborhood newcomer NCR was recently recognized for the completeness and quality of its commute options program, which positively impacts some 3,000 workers at the organization’s brand new global HQ in Midtown. NCR was the only Georgia employer named to the Center for Urban Transportation Research 2018 list of “Best Workplaces for Commuters.” Congrats to NCR on this achievement, and to Cousins Properties for garnering LEED Platinum recognition from the US Green Building Council for the environmentally sustainable design of NCR's new workplace at Spring and 8th Streets.