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How to Be Smart About Telework During COVID-19

Tips for employers and employees alike to adapt to teleworking

Published: 4/1/2020

In the digital age, remote work is always a helpful strategy to ensure productivity, alleviate time in traffic, and improve morale. Now, in this unique time, telework programs have taken on an additional imperative.  

A stay-at-home order from the Mayor and calls for social distancing from the CDC mean most Midtown employers are relying on telework to stay productive and more of Midtown’s workforce is addressing what teleworking longer-term means for them. While telework options have been growing in popularity in the recent year – with the Metro Atlanta teleworking rate almost doubling from 2007 to 2019 – many employers are looking at what it means to expand or formalize already existing programs, and employees are looking for ways to create structure and remain engaged.  

Whether you’re checking emails from your phone or hopping on an evening conference call – you're practicing a form of informal telework. By offering formalized programs to support these natural work flows, employers not only bolster their benefits package for recruitment and retention, but also ensure business continuity in the face of any number of disruptive events – winter weather, major events, national emergencies, and more.  

Whether you’re an employer or employee looking at improving your relationship with telework, we’ve got you covered. 

How companies can create telework policies: 

  1. Work with Midtown Transportation’s consultants for support 
  2. Designate a program lead 
  3. Identify employees whose job functions can be performed from a remote location 
  4. Ask IT to determine technology needs for remote access 
  5. Develop and test remote access before instituting policy 
  6. Conduct a stress test for technological capabilities 
  7. Develop a written policy 
  8. Communicate with managers and employees about the telework program 
  9. Troubleshoot to resolve any technological or other issues that arise 

How you can make the most out of teleworking: 

  1. Have a dedicated work space at home 
  2. Stick to the same work schedule 
  3. Take breaks throughout the day 
  4. Stay organized 
  5. Keep your supervisor informed of your progress 
  6. Attend necessary meetings virtually 
  7. Stick to deadlines 
  8. Stay on top of email 
  9. Inform family members and neighbors about when you may be interrupted 

Check out Midtown Transportation’s telework resources. For assistance setting up a formal telework program at your workplace, email MT@MidtownATL.com

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