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Quiet Streets in Midtown

Data show steep declines in travel activity while City remains under Stay at Home order

Published 4/2/20

The views up and down street and sidewalk corridors in Midtown are surreal lately, including this rush hour image taken on Peachtree Street near 4th.

With non-essential businesses directed to suspend operations or work remotely, arts venues closed, and residents ordered to stay home, transportation activity has declined precipitously. Midtown Alliance deploys counters at locations throughout the district to measure transportation activity and identify trends that inform planning for future corridor projects, retail strategies and more.

Pedestrian Activity

Overall, pedestrian counts in the district are down 70% during the five-week period between February 24 (before people started working from home en masse) and March 31 (after the City's Stay at Home directive began). For example, at 14th and Peachtree Streets, pedestrian counters read 69K pedestrians from February 24 to March 15. From March 16 through the end of the month, the counters read 19K pedestrians.

Multimodal Activity

The multimodal count trend at 5th and Spring Streets shows one example of how steep the dropoff has been. Normally a bustling intersection in the heart of Tech Square, the streets and sidewalks are empty right now. 

Comparing data on February 24 versus March 30 at Spring and 5th:

  • 69% decline in motor vehicles through the corridor (15,990 vs. 4,874)
  • 82% decline in pedestrians (4,720 vs. 845)
  • 56% decline in bikes (294 vs. 129)

But a different story emerges for February 24 versus March 30 at Piedmont and 10th, where shut-in residents are increasingly heading to Piedmont Park:

  • 59% decline in motor vehicles through the corridor  (25,504 vs. 10,424)
  • 221% increase in pedestrians (777 vs. 2,495)
  • 610% increase in bikes (30 vs. 213)

With the Governor's latest action on April 1 to issue a statewide order directing Georgians to stay at home through mid-April and schools to remain closed for the remainder of the school year, these trends are certain to remain for the foreseeable future. Stay up to date on public health updates, relief resources for businesses, how to help others in need and more by visiting our COVID-19 response page. We are updating this info daily to keep the community informed.


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