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Warmer Weather Beckons More Bike Sharing in Midtown

To date, bike share users have taken more than 1,100 rides

As spring temperatures rise, so do the number of people out-and-about on the streets of Midtown. If you are looking for a fun way to get around the District, might we suggest taking Relay Bike Share out for a spin? Since its introduction to Midtown in December, more than 1,100 people have taken advantage of Relay’s bright blue bikes.

“As we set up new stations across the neighborhood, we are seeing a spike in growth, ridership, and interest,” said Dan Murphy, General Manager of Relay Bike Share.

Murphy chalks up Relay’s success to its role as another affordable, easy-to-use, and active travel option beyond driving.  

“It’s an equitable form of transportation, provides an alternative form of clean transportation, and promotes a healthy lifestyle – all while having fun,” explained Murphy.

Ready to give it a try? Visit the Relay Bike Share website for easy step-by-step instructions on how to reserve a bike in your neighborhood. Once you have a bike in hand, head over to the Midtown Bicycle Route map to see Midtown’s existing bike lanes.

Suggest another station location for Midtown

Currently Midtown has 6 stations–with the 10th Street & Piedmont Avenue and Colony Square stations topping the list for most used. Relay is halfway to their goal in establishing 50 Relay stations housing 500 bikes throughout Atlanta, and has plans to deliver on this effort by the end of this year.

Get involved by volunteering to host a station at your property by contacting Info@RelayBikeShare.com or simply recommend a location at the Relay website.

Steps to becoming bike-friendly

In combination with Midtown’s efficient street grid, the district’s increasing network of bike lanes makes getting around by bike easy and convenient. Midtown has 5 miles of bike lanes in the district, and upcoming streetscape projects could add an additional 11 miles of bike facility to the district. Projects to look for in the future include the transformation of Juniper Street, which will break ground later this year, and the Piedmont Avenue complete street project, which is currently in planning.

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