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Beat the Heat: Ride Transit to Prevent Sweat and Reduce Smog this Summer

Why not ride to work stress- and sweat-free in an inexpensive air-conditioned vehicle?

Published: 6/10/2019

This summer has already brought record-breaking temperatures to Atlanta. That heat means a lot more sweat, an absolute need for AC and the emergence of the dreaded four-letter dirty word: smog. 

Smog is created when high temperatures result in chemical compounds from the air combining with nitrous oxide emissions from cars, resulting in the production of ground-level ozone gas. These pollutants in the air can impact your health and wellbeing. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it can be dangerous to breathe too much of it, especially for people already dealing with respiratory conditions like asthma. Track smog levels day by day with Georgia Commute Options’ free smog alerts.

Smog levels can be reduced this summer if everyone makes small changes. Reducing traffic congestion improves air quality. Try taking transit, or ask friends or colleagues about carpooling to work. 

On hot days, the benefits of taking transit stretch far beyond the typical cost savings and stress reduction! 

Those of you who already ride MARTA buses know: they are kept at very cool temperatures, even in the summer time! That refreshing environment in every MARTA bus makes a bus commute a time when you can relax and truly chill out during the summer. 

Darin Givens @ATLurbanist, co-founder of ThreadATL, tweeted during the May heat wave: “Normally I walk home from work, but it was so hot yesterday...and MARTA sends these air conditioned boxes-on-wheels all around the city. They're very cool and also very cool.”

According to a MARTA representative, all buses and trains are air conditioned. If a rider encounters a railcar that is too hot, they should report it to the operator so that the car can be serviced.

The MARTA stations, too, have their own cooling mechanisms. Although none of the stations currently have air conditioning, many including Midtown Station have large ceiling fans at the faregates. Plus, MARTA places large floor fans on station platforms to keep air in motion. You can find these large fans at several stations in Midtown, plus more stations in upcoming weeks.

If you’re riding the Xpress bus, CobbLinc or GCT, you'll find that all of these transit providers' buses are equipped with air conditioning that keeps the buses at a cool temperature.

If you want to find a transit route that can allow you to enjoy these pockets of cool in the hot city plus reduce your contribution to the city's smog levels, you can request a custom route plan from Midtown Transportation.

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