Last updated: 6/4/19

5th Street Complete Street Project

Existing Conditions 

Project Overview

As a key east-west corridor connecting Georgia Tech, the Midtown Improvement District, and the Midtown Garden District, 5th Street is one of the most popular multi-modal streets in Atlanta. Despite its many users, the existing street and sidewalk conditions on this major connector vary in quality and character affecting user safety and experience. Current and anticipated future development along the corridor is expected to increase activity of all user groups, necessitating vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle improvements consistent with streetscape environments currently found throughout much of the Midtown Improvement District.

The Midtown Alliance, with the City of Atlanta’s TSPLOST Program, has started the Design & Engineering phase of the 5th Street Complete Street project between Williams and Myrtle Streets (roughly 0.6 miles). Proposed enhancements to the 5th Street corridor include:

  • Replacement of damaged sidewalks and curbing.
  • Additional/upgraded ADA ramps and crosswalks at all intersections.
  • Complete pedestrian lighting for safety.
  • Infill street trees and furniture.
  • Milling, repaving, and restriping of roadway.
  • Upgrade existing bike lanes and signage.

Project Funding

  • $750,000 in Midtown Improvement District funds
  • $1.5 M in City of Atlanta TSPLOST funds for Construction

Progress To Date

Midtown Alliance solicited proposals for design and engineering services in early 2018. TSW was hired as the lead consultant for the project and its team began work in April 2018. Community engagement and design is currently underway. A public open house was held in October 2018 to solicit feedback on conceptual designs. Preliminary designs were submitted to the City for review and comment in October 2018 and May 2019. Design development will continue through 2019 and construction is anticipated to begin in 2020.


The Design and Engineering phase, will include:

  • City and stakeholder coordination
  • Existing conditions analysis
  • Conceptual & schematic design
  • Development of construction documents
  • Construction bid and award

Public Engagement

Midtown Alliance hosted a public open house on October 23 at the Saint Mark United Methodist Church. Midtown Alliance and the project design team shared conceptual designs for the 5th Street corridor and solicited feedback from attendees on the proposed designs. The open house provided an opportunity for the public to engage with Midtown Alliance staff and the designers to both learn more about the project and inform project design before it progresses to the next phase of development. Materials from the open house are available for download using the below links.

The public comment period for this phase of the project is now closed. Responses to comments received, both from the event and via email, are posted below. 

Open House Display Boards (36 MB file)

Open House Handout

Public Comments and Responses

In spring 2018, Midtown Alliance also solicited public input on the existing conditions of 5th Street via the below online interactive map. By clicking the project map below, you can view feedback in an interactive project area map. Detailed responses to comments and questions are provided here.

What’s Next?

Design and Engineering began in spring 2018 and will continue through 2019 with construction projected to commence in 2020. Please stay tuned for project updates! If you have general comments or questions, please contact