Kristan Woolford

As an Atlanta native, Kristan Woolford knows what it’s like to be comfortable in the midst of constant flux. Mirroring Atlanta’s commitment to perpetual change, he is unafraid of tackling new opportunities for growth and innovative approaches to storytelling. Kristan has screened short films at venues such as Plaza Theatre, Cinefest Film Theatre, Athens Ciné, and notably the High Museum of Art’s Rich Auditorium as a finalist in the GSU Film Festival. More recently, Kristan’s work is expanding beyond exclusively filmmaking, as he continues to push the boundaries of how multimedia experiences can impact the social justice landscape in Atlanta. His body of work encourages a deeper understanding of Black experiences in America. Kristan is a Film Production Instructor at Maynard Jackson where he works to train Atlanta’s future generation of filmmakers. He is a proud alumni of The Creatives Project residency program, Hampton University, and Georgia Tech. 

Find Kristan online:
Instagram: @analog_detox
TikTok: @analog_detox


For an immersive experience, play this track from your smartphone as you take in Kristan's amazing video installation at the 999 Peachtree Building in Midtown Atlanta.