Neda Abghari

Neda Abghari, is a curator, consultant and cultural advocate native to Atlanta. Over the last two decades she has leveraged her experience in the arts, education, community and commerce to connect, engage and inform communities through the cultivation of strategic partnerships locally and nationally for the promotion of the Arts and cultural activism. She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Creatives Project, an award winning artist and residency program which has supported over 70 local artists and the community at large through specialized arts and culture programs. She has acquired and assigned over 800,000 SF of spatial subsidies to emerging artists since 2011. Abghari has produced numerous exhibitions and has placed dozens of artists nationwide with commercial brands including the likes of Cuervo 1800, Bloomingdales, AFROPUNK music festival, HULU and SCOPE International Contemporary Arts Fair. As a founding board member of ACT/ART, she worked in partnership with The Obama White House to bring contemporary art to the forefront of public policy. She is currently a member of the Fulton County Public Art Committee and a founding member of The Atlanta School for the Arts. 


Find Neda online:

Instagram: @nedaabghari