Last Updated: 09/03/20

Piedmont Avenue
Complete Street Project 


The photos above represent a “before and after” vision of Piedmont Avenue as imagined by the Midtown Transportation Plan. Specific alignments and materials may change as the design develops.

Project Overview

The City of Atlanta’s Renew/TSPLOST Program, in partnership with Midtown Alliance, is planning improvements to approximately 1.1 miles of Piedmont Avenue between Ponce De Leon and 15th Street. This corridor was identified for improvements in the Connect Atlanta Plan and identified as a “complete street” project by the 2015 Renew Atlanta Bond, as well as the Midtown Transportation Plan. Complete street projects are intended to increase safety and accessibility for all street users, especially for people walking, biking, and with limited mobility. The project includes the following improvements:

  • Repurpose the eastern-most parking/travel lane with a protected one-way northbound bike lane (Ponce to 14th St)
  • Replace the sidewalk on the east side of Piedmont between 14th Street and 15th Street with a multi-use path
  • Mill and resurface the roadway
  • Improve crosswalks and curb ramps and shorten crossing distances where possible with bulb-outs
  • Formalize on-street parking on the west side of the street
  • Upgrade sidewalks to be ADA accessible
  • Add stormwater planters to relieve pressure on the combined sewer system

Project Funding

  • $2.1M in Midtown Improvement District Funds
  • $3M Anticipated City of Atlanta TSPLOST funds for Construction

Progress to Date

Conceptual planning began in November 2016 and was completed in July 2017. Concept planning included an inventory and analysis of existing physical conditions, a traffic study, and an analysis of on-street parking. This assessment identified opportunities to address issues such as excessive vehicle speeds, challenges for people crossing the street, and a lack of connectivity in the city’s bicycle network. A public meeting was held in March 2017 to present initial conceptual plans and receive feedback and ideas from the community. The completed conceptual plans and documentation of existing conditions are linked in the gallery below. For an overview of the March 2017 public meeting view the compiled notes here.

The preliminary plans phase included additional public and stakeholder engagement and development of more detailed design documents. Detailed design and engineering kicked-off in 2018 to develop construction plans and bid documents, with delivery of final construction documents expected in late 2019. Project construction is estimated to begin in Q1 2021, with completion targeted by early 2022.

Stay Informed 

Midtown Alliance and the project team presented detailed design documents to the public in the summer of 2018. For an overview of the June 2018 public meeting view the compiled notes, here. For detailed responses to submitted comments and questions, please see the table, here. To view comments on the concepts, please click the project map below.

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Schematic Designs

Ponce de Leon to 12th Street   

Schematic Design:
Ponce de Leon Ave to 12th Street

Schematic Design:
13th Street to 14th Street

Schematic Design:
14th Street to 15th Street